110mm VS 100mm Pro Scooter Wheels

November 17, 2014

The two most common sized pro scooter wheels in the industry are without a doubt 110mm and 100mm. I’ve seen a few companies start to make 125mm wheels but they haven't really taken off because in order for them to work you need a bigger fork and a bigger brake. I think the industry is going in the direction of bigger parts (125mm wheels, 22 long decks, taller and wider bars, etc) but for now 110mm and 100mm are the main wheel sizes. Kids sometimes don't understand the difference between the two and are confused on which ones to get when it comes time to order new wheels. Allow me to help you out.



The most common wheel size in the scooter industry would have to be 110mm. Below I’ll list out why.

  • Faster than 100mm
  • Last longer because they have more urethane on them
  • Make your scooter a little bit taller (LOL)
  • They look better than 100mm while on your scooter (in most peoples opinions)
  • Easier to manny with because the break is closer to the wheel


  • Less expensive than 110mm (in most cases)
    • ^^^^^^ thats really it LOL

When it comes down to it, 110mm wheels are the play. They’re faster, better, and longer lasting than 100mm wheels. If you have the opportunity to get either, get 110mm wheels!!!  Also make sure to have the right tools if you are going to work on your scooter.

Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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