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ISA World Final

Jul 1, 2015 10:10:09 AM

For the past three years the ISA World Final has been the biggest scooter event in the industry. With every top pro from around the world going to compete against one another you know it’s going to be crazy. I’m sure this year will be no different. Just recently the location for this years world final was announced - Barcelona will hold the 2015 ISA’s. Barcelona is an incredible place with lots of beautiful scenery and lots of rad parks which makes it the perfect location for something like this to be held at. I’ll do a bit of a recap below about last years ISA and what you might be able to expect this year.

Last years ISA  

I wasn’t personally at last years ISA world championship so I’m writing this overview based off of what I’ve heard and what I’ve watched.  

Last years ISA was held in Stroud, UK at Rusch skate park. There was a huge turnout with tons and tons of riders and spectators. They even painted the park with a ton of company logos which made it even more of a legit competition. Thousands of people were there riding or cheering for their favorite rider so you know the park was loud. There were about 50 riders there competing for the world title. Keep in mind there were many more riders than 50 there just only 50 got to compete because you had to qualify to compete. There were a few questions up in the air like “would Kota hold his title as world championship?”, “would any worlds firsts be throw?”, “who would be the upset and place higher than everyone imagined?”, and so much more.

The pro runs started and everyone did great. The top 15 would be hard to decide but the judges were able to come to a decision and pick the top 15 riders that would be moving on to the finals. Among those 15 were favorites Kota, Dylan Morrison, and more. People had been placing bets all day on who would win, Kota or Dylan. Kota was set on holding the world championship title and it seemed like nothing would stop him. Welp, this was true. Even after everyone rode there hardest Kota was able to come out on top and take the world championship title yet again. Dylan came second and was less than one point away from beating Kota; however Dylan did manage to win best trick with a flair bar bar bar bar. Yup you read that right, a flair with four barspins. You can check out the clip below.

In the end everyone had a great time at a great event. It was well hosted and well organized. Everyone was already getting pumped for next years ISA. It was even said that Dan Avery had brought an umbrella to the event and was hanging it over Kotas head as some sort of funny ritual. Overall, everyone had fun and killed it! Look for even more from Kota next comp and prepare yourself as he plans to storm the competition. Next year the competition will be even harder and Kota will have to work even more if he wants to win.

Here’s last years ISA world championship. It’s a bit over 3 hours but its for sure worth the watch.


This years ISA

Like you read earlier, this years ISA competition will be held in Barcelona Spain as part of “Extreme Barcelona”. It’s projected to be even bigger than last years competition with more sponsors and greater riding. They will be building a whole new course designed specifically for scooter riders which I find so rad. It’s sick to see scooters get big enough where instead of a championship being held at a certain park, a park is built specifically for that competition. The competition will be June 13th and 14th at Parc Del Forum, Barcelona with qualifiers being the 13th and the finals being held on the 14th.  

Here’s a video that showcases last years Extreme Barcelona.

Just look at how insane the scenery looks! This years championship is going to be insane!


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Custom Scooter Builder How to Measure Bar Height and Width

May 29, 2015 10:50:11 AM

Lucky Scooters has probably the best online pro scooter builder in the industry. With the options and combinations available It is a ton of fun to play with. It's almost never ending fun.... Just to let you know custom scooters arrive to you fully assembled. All you have to do is attach the bar to the deck.

Lucky Scooters Custom Builder Image

Even though it is a ton of fun to play with, we do receive quite a few questions asking about what bar height and width to get on a custom scooter, the choices can become overwhelming... Unfortunately that can be a hard question to answer. Each rider from beginner to pro is different. They will have different styles and different needs. What we are going to do here is show you how we measure the bar sizing when we build a scooter. We are going to start with introducing you to the types of scooter compression systems we use. They are HIC and SCS.


HIC stands for Hidden Internal Compression. This means that there is a shim installed over the fork, and the bar slides over that shim into place. In this set up there is a small slit cut into the bar. This allows the bar to compress around the shim when the clamp is tightened. In this set up when we build the scooter for you we measure out the entire length of the bar and cut it to your specs. You can see the image below. Usually, from the bottom of the wheel to the top if the headset is about 10" inches. This is the same for 100MM and 110MM wheels.







When considering the HIC set up, when you pick a bar height (blue arrow on the image above), it will be that tall. This means that if you choose a 23" tall by 22" wide bar, the overall riding height of the bar will be 23" tall plus the height of the scooter.

HIC compression is used with our DoubleTriple and X-Clamps.



SCS stands for Standard Compression System. In this set up there is no shim, instead we install the clamp directly onto the fork. Then you install the bar into the SCS clamp. When you tighten the clamp everything is held in place. SCS is different than HIC is another ways. There is no slit on the bar. This allows the clamp to snuggly fit around the bar. You can see the image below. Just likekin HIC, from the bottom of the wheel to the top if the headset is about 10" inches. This is the same for 100MM and 110MM wheels, even with SCS.


Another difference is that since you are bolting the clamp directly onto the fork, you are raising the height by 2” inches. That is the part that is interesting. You have to take those two inches into account for your overall riding height. If you want an overall bar riding height of 23” inches, you will need to select a 21” inch bar height (blue arrow on the above image) . We will cut the bar at the height specified on your order, just like HIC compression. 

Currently we only have one type of Lucky SCS clamp




In Conclusion-

We hope this helps with figuring out the bar height for your custom scooter purchase. If you are also trying to figure out bar width, consider this. Measure your shoulder widh to figure this number out. That seems to be the average for most riders.  Most importantly remember to take into account the ride height when making your purchase. For HIC the ride height will not change, for SCS you have to remember the extra 2" height . Also take a look at our already pre built completes for their bar heights and widths as examples. Their measurements are based on customer feedback.




We also wanted to remind you that the custom scooters arrive to you fully assembled. All you have to do is attach the bar to the deck.



How to choose a song for an edit

May 19, 2015 12:15:42 PM

After you get all the clips you want and you’re ready to start the editing process, finding the right song can be a tough obstacle. You want something that fits the video and won't deter people away. I decided to give my input into this situation and try and help you solve the struggle of finding a good song and knowing if it is infact a good song.    

  • First thing - Make sure your song has not been used in the scootering community. This topic has people on both sides of it. Some think its ok while others think its absolutely NOT ok. Personally, I don't think you should use a song if its been used in a scootering edit. There are millions of songs out there and the scootering community is small enough where you can find a new song. If the song you want to use has been used in say, a skateboard or BMX edit I think its fine to use it. No skater or BMXer is going to be watching a scooter edit anyway so its fine. If you’re not quite sure if the song you want to use has been used in a scootering edit just try and look around at edits to see if you can find it.

  • Second thing - Make sure your song is good. When I say good I mean atleast 8/10 people are going to find it enjoyable/tolerable. The last thing you want is a song that people hate. If people don't like the song in your edit it could cause them to not watch it or even comment bad things in the comments. Thats the last thing you want.

  • Third thing - Make sure your song fits the riding. What I mean by this is, does it feel like the song is going with the clips? Say you have just a ton of bangers and you’re going really fast in the clips, you don't want a slow song thats going to take away from how crazy the video is. Visa versa as well. If your clips are super chill and its just like a day edit with friends you dont want some hardcore rock song that doesn't give off the chill vibe you are going for. You will know if a song fits the riding or not.

  • Fourth thing - Make sure you edit the riding to the song. This last thing is a bit off topic but I thought I’d shine some light on it anyways. Edit your clips so that when the beat drops, you land. This will make the edit much more enjoyable to the human eye and ear. The only reason I included this part in the article is because if your song doesn't have a lot of drops or notes where you can edit clips to it, it may be the wrong song for your video.


Thats about it. I hope this article helped make your song choosing choice a bit easier or helped you make the right decision if the song you had picked out is good or not. In the end it doesn't really matter if anyone has used it or if it fits the riding. If you like it and you’re happy with it, use it!   

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AZ Grind Scooter Competition

May 13, 2015 10:03:00 AM

Lucky Scooter Partner, AZ Grind is hosting yet another scooter competition in Mesa Arizona. The last few comps they hosted turned out really big and everyone had tons of fun. We are going to go over what you might expect this time around and why you should for sure make it out!


The last competition they put on was a big success. Lucky team riders, Tanner Fox, Derek Marr, and former Lucky rider Jordan were all in attendance.They all killed it and had boat loads of fun. This year Lucky is providing tons of gear such as wrist bands, shirts, forks, you name it! They’ll be giveaways and loads of prizes for the winners. Everyone will hopefully walk away with some Lucky product, even if it’s just stickers!

What to expect:

  • A very well maintained and organized skatepark
  • A clean bathroom (shocker for scooter competitions)
  • A snack bar with loads of snacks to get you through the comp day
  • A few Lucky riders (including Capron Funk) will be there
  • A fun and awesome day
  • A big spectating crowd
  • Lots of prizes to be given out (including Lucky product)

The park is very well laid out for a scooter competition. It features a mega pipe, a 3ft mini pipe with an awesome spine in the middle, a perfect fly box, a super padded resi box and quarter pipe, a foam pit for you to learn backflips in, and a few other super fun things such as the pool coping bowl and a few miscellaneous quarter pipes and rails. Also within the skatepark is an awesome little scooter shop and snack bar. If you break something on your scooter during the comp they should have exactly what you need to get it up and running again. Also if you get hungry during the comp but don’t want to leave for some food, they have an awesome snack bar with everything you could want! Overall AZ Grind has a super chill vibe and everyone at the park is really nice.

Check out this video that briefly shows the park. It features Lucky rider Lil Jon!



You won’t want to miss this one. If you live in the area I highly suggest you come out!


ISA North American Qualifier | Coquitlam BC Canada

May 6, 2015 9:32:13 AM

Just recently, in Coquitlam BC, Canada the International Scooter Association held the North American Qualifier. Lucky Scooters just so happened to have quite a significant presence at the event, with pro team riders Bayley Maxcy, James Gee, Evan Yamada, and myself (Blake Bailor) making an appearance, as well as Title team rider, Kaleb Kier. The event meant that in order to move onto U.S. nationals, riders were going to have to place top 10 or better. Also, the rider who places first in the competition would move directly onto the ISA world Championships.


Everyone killed it super hard in the contest and brought everything that they could to the table. It was a great ISA qualifier event. At the end of the event the results were announced and both Bayley Maxcy and Kaleb Kier podiumed in their respective divisions, which was excellent news. Kaleb with a first place win in the Amateur division and Bayley with a second place finish in the pro division. Also, a huge congratulations to Bayley for qualifying to go directly to the ISA world championships! Good luck dude (No pun intended)! Be sure to stay tuned right here for future ISA event news and updates. 

Custom Pro Scooter Builder

Apr 28, 2015 1:15:00 PM

Us at Lucky Scooters contantly strive to innovate, in order to provide you with the tools you need to get the high quality pro scooter that you have been dreaming of. In order to accomplish this goal, we wanted to come up with an entirely new, user-friendly way to go pro scooter shopping/building that would be simple and straightforward. In the last year or so, we came up with the tool that we have been searching for. The Lucky custom pro scooter builder allows pro scooter riders to go online and build their own Lucky complete pro scooter from the ground up, using any available parts they choose in the color options that they want!! How sick is that!!



The Lucky Scooters custom pro scooter builder displays every Lucky Scooter product that is available, out in front of you. You can individually choose your scooter deck, wheels, fork, bars, clamp, grips, brake, and pegs if you desire, for your custom build and you also get to choose the sizing and color for all of these components. On top of that, when you are done building your Lucky custom complete you can even save your work and name it, which gives you the option to either buy it now or come back to it later!  just to let you know... Lucky Scooters ships your custom pro scooter completely put together...All you have to do is put the bar on the scooter!!! Even better!!




Essentially, the Lucky Scooters custom scooter builder is revolutionizing the way that people are shopping for their complete pro scooters. Perfect for parents who don’t quite understand how the whole process works and tons of fun for kids looking to build a new scooter. If you have never seen it before, be sure to go check out the custom scooter builder at today! 



Lucky Scooter Tanner Fox In Australia

Apr 16, 2015 9:36:00 AM

Tanner Fox has been in Australia for about two weeks now and I hear he’s loving it. He’s been filming a ton and taking heaps of photos. I’m going to do a little recap of where he’s been so far and how you can find out where he’ll be at next. Check out this old post about 6 Tricks with Tanner Fox

He was picked up from the airport by his friend and fellow scooter rider Sammy. They then headed to Bunker skatepark to get some shredding in. Tanner was able to get a few chill clips with some of the locals. It looks like such a good park!

Later in the week he also got the chance to sesh The Shed indoor skatepark and riverslide skatepark. He got a bunch of new tricks at The Shed and riverslide skatepark. Here’s a quick video of him flipping the bank to bank hip at riverslide.

His final few stops around Melbourne were at Rampfest and “The Park” (both are highly known indoor skateparks). The mini mega at The Park looks like sooo much fun and it seems Tanner absolutely loved it. He even said the park was “such an amazing skatepark”. Check out his scooter below chilling in front of The Park.


Next up was Gold Coast time. Tanner was super hyped to head there and ride the world famous GC Compound. GC was not a let down to him at all. He learned way too many ticks to count and filmed a ton of bangers. You can check out just a few of the bangers he landed below.

Yesterday he even got to visit the world famous “Cali” park and meet the legend himself, Ryan Williams. Tanner is still currently on the Gold Coast riding skate parks all over. Make sure you’re following him on Instagram so you can see where he will be next!!


Limited Edition Complete Scooters by Lucky Scooters

Apr 15, 2015 12:03:00 PM

Lucky Scooters has a very unique opportunity going on right now up on their website,!

They are currently offering, for a limited time, 4 different styles of Lucky Custom built complete pro scooters.  They are called “Limited Edition Scooters” that are available at a very affordable price. The scooters range from $179.97 to $269.97 in pricing and are all a little different in terms of the components used to build them. They are based on popular builds created on Lucky’s Custom Scooter Builder.

On the entry level of the spectrum, you have the Lucky “Crew100” complete pro scooter. This is essentially an upgrade from the original Crew complete. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Limited Edition Clover. This was inspired by the original Clover complete.

All 4 of these scooters have some excellent specifications and parts to them, but since we cannot cover all of these scooters in this article, I will break down the Limited Edition Clover for you guys because it is the crème de la crème.  The Limited Edition Clover complete pro scooter comes equipped with:



  • Weight: 8.0 lbs.
  • Deck: Black Clover Deck 20.5” x 4.25” | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Bars: Black Pry bars 22”H x 22”W | 4130 Chromoly
  • Fork: SMX Black | 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Clamp: SCS Black (SCS Compression) | 7003 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Brake: Steely Brake | Spring Steel
  • Headset: FSA Orbit CE Integrated
  • Grips: Nubbins Black
  • Wheels: Lucky Atom Black/Black 110mm with Lucky Speed 9 Bearings

As you can clearly see, just like any other Lucky scooter, the Lucky Limited Edition Scooters have been built with nothing but premium components and are already prepped to perform and destroy out in the field. These scooters are still available for a limited time at, but if I were you, I would get there as soon as possible because these awesome prices for limited custom built complete pro scooters wont stick around for very long!

Woodward West ISA event recap

Mar 30, 2015 3:15:33 PM

I had the chance to go down to Woodward West for the recent ISA competition. It was a pretty good turn out for how far away Woodward is from everything else. I’d say the class with the most riders was probably the pro category making it a hard competition to place top three. I’ll recap the whole event in a few paragraphs so those of you that couldn't attend can get a feel for how the weekend played out.


Friday was practice day for everyone competing Saturday. Due to the resi and foam pit being closed I didn’t really witness any crazy new worlds firsts being thrown; however everyone did throw down. Capron Funk was among many others dialing in his run for Saturday. Practice was from 2pm-9pm and everyone seemed to make the most out of it. Afterwards a lot of the guys went to the Fairfield Inn for a pool and hot tub sesh. Overall it was a pretty mellow day.



Comp day. I was staying at the Fairfield Inn with a lot of other riders and everyone got up early to have breakfast. After everyone had ate, people piled in various cars and drove out to Woodward. Registration for the event had been done the day before so there wasn't a big wait to ride when I arrived.



Beginner 10 and under went first. They held this portion of the competition in the smaller part of the hanger. I didn’t get the chance to watch them all ride but I’m sure the young ones were killing it.


Next up was Intermediate 10 and under. It’s crazy how some kids are under the age of 10 but can already briflip and triple whip. All these kids threw down and showed us just how scary the new generation of riders is going to be.

Beginner 10 and up was held next. The “Big Street” part of the hanger can be kind of intimidating but all the riders seemed to have fun. It’s cool to see kids out there hitting the box jumps and learning the flow of the park.


After beginner 10 and up went it was time for intermediate 10 and up to ride. There was an advanced category so these guys were good but they weren't as good as the advanced riders. I saw a ton of flairs and other bangers so these guys definitely killed it!  


After all the beginner and intermediate riders had gone and the winners had been announced it was time for lunch. The canteen opened up and was serving everyone. They have great food including milkshakes, chicken strips, and anything else a kid could want! (Great food as in taste. Not as in how healthy it is haha).      

After a long break, the advanced category was finally ready to begin. All these riders are the next pro riders in our sport so it was awesome to seem them all throw down! In the end little 10 year old Jordan Robles was able to come in first! He blows my mind more and more each time I see him ride. He’s doing flairs at 10 years old!


Finally it was time for pro to begin. Everyone was practicing there runs and getting ready. After watching all the pros run through the first time I could tell it was going to be hard to judge the top three. The 2nd runs went in order from last place to first place. Cam Ward was in first after his first run and was able to hold strong and take out the win. Team rider Corey Funk dominated as well coming in 2nd with a flawless run. Team riders Capron and Cody were also able to place top 10!


In conclusion, it was a great event and it was put together very well. First place in pro only walked away with $800 which is kinda bad but oh well. If you’re in the area of an ISA event definitely try and make it out. You wont regret it!


How to Cut Your Scooter Bars | Lucky Scooters

Feb 27, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Cutting your scooter bars can be both dangerous and hard. You don't want to cut them too much or your bars will be way to small. There are a few things you're going to need if you're going to try and cut your scooter bars. I'll list those things below along with the procedure of how to do it. 

(Parental supervision is HIGHLY recommended to cut your bars. The tools used are very sharp and Lucky takes no responsibility if you get hurt. Please be safe and have a parent help you.) 

- Hacksaw (This is a very shap tool and you should be very careful when using it) 

- Drill (only if you're making a slit) 

- File (the kind that files down metal, not a nail file LOL) 

- Preferably a vice clamp but not required (helps to hold the bars in place when you cut them) 

- Marker/Sharpie 

- Tape Measure

- Workspace

Alright, after you have all of the following things you are ready to start the procedure. Make sure you really want to cut your bars because you can always go down a little more but you can never go up in size. 

The first thing you're going to want to do is measure the bars. Take your tape measure and measure both the width and height of the bars. Decide where you're going to cut the bars then take your sharpie and mark where you will cut them. Once you have your bars marked and you're positive of where you want to cut them you are ready to begin. (Remember if you're going to cut the width, take the same amount off each side. You dont want to have a pair of bars where one side is longer or shorter than the other.) 

I would suggest cutting the width first as that is just normally what I do, although it doesn't matter what you cut first. This is where the vice clamp comes in handy. You can clamp the bars into the vice which allows them to stay still when you cut them. If you don't have a vice clamp you can just lay them on the ground and begin to hacksaw them. You might need someones help for this as the bars are going to move around if you don't have someone holding them down. Once you get the width cut on both sides you are ready to move on to the height. Depending on if you ride SCS or HIC you may need to also cut a slit. Below I'm going to break down cutting the height for both SCS and HIC. 


If you're cutting your bars for SCS you need to make sure you cut them 1.5 - 2 inches (depends on what SCS you have) under the desired height because SCS raises the height of your bars. Lets say you want your bars to be 22 inches tall. You need to cut them to 20 - 20.5 inches tall because SCS will raise them, making them 22 inches tall. Once you have them viced down or held down, you can begin to cut them. 


Cutting your bars (height wise) for HIC is a little bit different than cutting your bars for SCS. When you cut your bars for HIC you will need to also cut a slit. A slit is needed because without it the bars cannot compress and stay tight. The first thing you're going to want to do is just cut the height you want your bars to be. HIC won't raise the height of your bars, so cut them however tall you want them. Once you have them cut you're ready to cut the slit. The slit should be fairly small. What you're going to want to do first is drill a hold in your bars about two inches up from the bottom. The hole should be at the back of the bars and it should not go through the front. (I will attach a photo that shows what this should look like.) It should also not be a very big hole. Once you have the hole drilled out you're ready to cut the slit. Take your hacksaw and cut from the bottom of the bar up until you reach the drill hole. Once you have that your bars should be radeable and ready to go. 

The last thing you're going to need to do is file down the bars. This allows for them to fit much better in SCS or HIC and allows for bar ends to fit better and more smoothly in your bars. You dont need to file them a lot just enough where you get the rough parts out and you make the bar even and not all sharp. Once you have done that to both the ends of the bars and the height, you are done. 

I hope this helped make your bar cutting process easier. Remember to always have a parent supervise you and help when you cut your bars! 

If you need some new Lucky Scooters bars, you can buy them here! 

Click here to read up about the new Tukno bars! 


Free Lugs With Pro Scooter Purchase | Lucky Scooters