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Welcome To Pro | Jeremy Petropoulos | Lucky Scooters

Sep 30, 2014 6:44:11 PM

Lucky Scooters is proud to present their newest pro team rider, Jeremy Petropoulos, to the team! Jeremy also released this awesome, new video showcasing his ability to shred. Jeremy has some banging rail tricks and a unique style that anyone can appreciate, so give this a look and share it with your friends. Jeremy is a street killer. Enjoy.

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Jeremy Petropoulos | Welcome to Lucky Title (Australia)


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Elajwon Esperance | Quick Release | Lucky Scooters

Sep 30, 2014 6:29:52 PM

Lucky Scooters title team rider, Elajwon Esperance just dropped this sweet, little quick release edit of him riding some local skateparks in his area. For a quick release, this video is pretty banging if you ask me! Crazy combos, 540 flairs and that signature chuncky style all contribute to one awesome quick release. If you haven't seen it, check it out. If you have seen it, see it again. Enjoy.

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Lucky Scooters | Elajwon Esperance Welcome To Lucky AM


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HIC vs SCS vs ICS... What scooter compression to choose?

Sep 29, 2014 3:45:17 PM

What is Scooter Compression?

Scooter Compression is basically the way in which mechanicaly your bars, forks and deck are all attached together on your pro scooter. The three most popular types of scooter compression are:

What the different types of compression do:

All Compression systems are good in some ways hard in others. One of the toughest scooter maintenance questions is which scooter compression do I ride?  Today we will break down each compression system and tell you about the highs and lows of each. Hopefully after reading this you will be able to decide which compression system is right for you.

Compression brake down:

  • HIC Scooter Compression
    • HIC was basically the first compression system besides threaded. Its been around for a long time and for good reason. It works. All you need to run HIC is a threadless fork with a starnut, a threadless headset, the HIC shim, and oversized bars with a slit. HIC is hands down the simplest out of all three compressions to use. All you do is tighten your bolt to the starnut in your fork, put your bars on, and you're good to go. Its fairly strong and doesn't come loose often. If you're looking for something reliable, easy, and light, HIC is the play. Check out the image and video below:
    • Bisected HIC viewHIC_Compression_Lucky_Scooters


  • SCS Compression
    • SCS was designed by Proto Scooters owner Andrew Broussard and now almost every company makes it. SCS is for sure the strongest compression system out there. First I'll tell you the best parts about riding SCS. It’s super strong. You’re never going to have to worry about your bars snapping down a huge gap. Also it looks really sick and keeps your scooter super dialed. The bad thing about SCS is it’s the heaviest compression system. Its not like way heavier than HIC but it is a little. To tighten SCS all you do is tighten the bolt to your starnut then put your bars with out a slit into the SCS and tighten it little by little one bolt at a time until its fully tightened. If you want something beefy, super strong and good looking, go for SCS.
    • Bisected SCS viewSCS_Compression_Lucky_Scooters


  • ICS Compression
    • ICS is hands down the lightest compression system. It’s also the weakest and toughest to use. To ride ICS you need a long ICS bolt, standard size bars, a threadless fork without a star nut, and a threadless headset. The reason why ICS is a pain is because to tighten it, you have to take off your front wheel. Also its not very strong because the only thing holding it together is one long bolt. If you're a weight freak, and you don't have a lot of money to spend, shoot for ICS.

    • Bisected ICS viewICS_Compression_Lucky_Scooters

We hope the couple of pointers about compression helps you find what best fits your riding needs.

Final thoughts:

Remember; make sure to pick the compression system that best fits your riding needs and budget. Make sure to learn how to take care of your ride and it will get you far! As always you can get all of your riding and compression needs @

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West Coast Tour | So Cal | Lucky Scooters

Sep 29, 2014 1:37:11 PM

The fourth and final installment of the Lucky Scooters West Coast Tour, featuring pro team riders, James Gee, Evan Yamada and myself (Blake Bailor). In this segment we cover Southern California, hitting up street spots, skateparks and scooter shops in the greater area. To wrap things up, this tour was an awesome exprience with an awesome crew of people and we definitely got some rad content out of it alll. So check this out and watch the rest of our tour videos if you haven't yet. Enjoy!

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Lucky Scooters | West Coast Tour l Nor Cal


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Summer Sessions | Jordan Robles | Lucky Scooters

Sep 26, 2014 5:12:00 PM

 Lucky Scooters flow team rider, Jordan Robles just recently released this summer video to showcase his most recent progression on the scoot. He is definitely killing it harder then ever! Watching Jordan ride a skatepark is nothing short of eye candy. I can't wait to see where this guys riding is at 5 years from now! Give this a good look if you haven't seen it yet, and share with your friends. Enjoy!


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Lucky Scooters | Jordan Robles: A Long Summer


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How To Fastplant Frontflip | Corey Funk | Lucky Scooters

Sep 24, 2014 11:46:26 PM

Lucky Scooters pro team rider, Corey Funk just released a "How To Fastplant Frontflip" tutorial, which has some pretty good tips for any of the more advanced riders out there. Fastplant Frontflips are definitely an upper level trick so if you are not ready to learn them yet than don't push it! Corey also does some awesome examples of cool Fastplant Frontflips in this video, so check it out and hopefully this helps you out!



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Lucky Scooters | How To | Kickless Rewind


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Kota Signature Scooter Review

Sep 24, 2014 5:30:00 AM

The highly anticipated Kota signature scooter will be available online and at your local shop soon. Kota is on his scooter 24/7 thrashing it hard so you know this thing is going to hold up really well. Lucky Title team rider Bayley Maxcy went over the whole Kota Sig scooter and highlighted everything that makes this thing dialed!! If you’re even slightly considering buying it, Bayley would recommend you read the following article. And if you’re not considering buying it, reconsider.


Lets start with the bars. The bars are Kota’s signature “Tukno Bars” and man are they sick. They come 22” high by 22” wide and are made with 4130 chromoly. They have a cool V design with a dipped cross bar in the middle for support. They’re super light and come with the Lucky no nubbin grips installed. This scooter also has Lucky bar ends and comes with the Lucky composite HIC.

Next we have the clamp. The X-clamp designed by none other than Kota’s brother, Hunter Schuetz comes on this complete. Its cool design and strength keep this scooter tightened perfectly from day one.

The FSA Orbit CE integrated headset comes stock on this complete. Nothing really to say about this headset. Its fast, smooth, and gets the job done.

Now on to the fork. The Vector fork is the fork that comes on this scooter. It has not yet been released by Lucky. Its basically a slimmer looking and lighter SMX. I've seen my teammates test these over the past few months and they have held up great. You wont have any problems with the new Vektor fork from Lucky.



Next we have the Kota signature Atom wheels. These things are lighting fast. I have ridden them before and it feels like you're riding on clouds when you first get them. They have been tested for some time now by Kota and with the amount of speed he hits everything at, you knows these things fly. They come 110mm with Lucky 9 speed bearings installed. These wheels also have some sick Lucky and Kota graphics on the urethane.

Last but definitely not least we have my personal favorite part on this scooter; the deck. The Kota signature deck is perfect. It’s 19.5” long by 4.25” wide. It’s .25” wider than the Crew and .5” smaller length wise than the Strata deck. It has the same headtube look as the Strata so its basically a smaller Strata and a beefier Crew. Just like all the other Lucky decks its integrated with flat sides and comes with a black Lucky flex fender brake. What makes this deck really unique are the graphics on it. Dakota is always traveling around the world visiting new countries and going to new parks so why not make a deck to fit his personality and lifestyle? Well Lucky did just that. On the bottom of this deck you will find a lot of countries names that he has traveled to. You can also see his name in big black writing along with his signature on the bottom near the brake. Black griptape with some cool Kota graphics come stock on this complete.
kota-signature-deck-bottomJust like his clean style this scooter comes in a clean all black color scheme. If you wanna ride what the 3 time world champion rides pick up Kota’s signature Lucky scooter when it comes out.

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Travis Sheaffer | Lucky Wheels Rider | Lucky Scooters

Sep 23, 2014 12:11:47 PM

Lucky Scooters just added their newest member to the Lucky wheels team and, with that, comes a new video showcasing that rider's skill. Travis Sheaffer is not a name that I have heard of before, but this video was nothing short of jaw-dropping. I was shocked at some of the rail tricks that this kid landed in here. The ender and the huge kinked rail were both pure craziness. You definitely have to give this a look if you haven't and show your friends while you are at it. Enjoy.

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Lucky Scooters | Lucky Wheels Rider l Ryan Myers


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LS and SMX scooter forks comparison

Sep 21, 2014 6:00:00 PM

Lucky Title team rider Bayley Maxcy strikes again for a triple!!! He is going to break down the two types of scooter forks manufactured by Lucky Scooters. LS versus SMX forks.

Comparing the LS and SMX scooter forks

LS and SMX. The two forks Lucky produces. Also two of the best forks if not THE best forks on the market. If you're considering buying a Lucky fork but can't decide between the LS or the SMX allow me to help make your decision easier. Read below!

LS Scooter Fork ( Light and Strong )

  • Fits 110mm and 100mm scooter wheels
  • Comes in 6 different colors
  • Steer Tube Length: 16.5mm
  • Steer Tube Thickness: 125”
  • 6061 T6 aluminum (CNC machined)
  • Weight: 11.2 oz
  • Locks in for smiths better than the SMX
  • Slimmer look than the SMX
  • 10$ less than the SMX

You can get your own LS  scooter fork kere


SMX Scooter Fork
  • Also fits 110mm and 100mm scooter wheels
  • Same steer tube length and thickness
  • Weight 12.8 oz
  • 6061 T6 aluminum (CNC machined)
  • Comes in 7 different colors
  • Really good for foot jams and nose blunts
  • Ridden by many Lucky team riders
  • The first scooter looking BMX fork

You can get your own SMX scooter fork here


In conclusion

Make sure and get the Scooter fork that works best for your style. You can't go wrong with either one. Go out and get your Lucky fork today!



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Fueling up!!.. diet? prepared to go out and shred longer

Sep 18, 2014 1:30:00 PM

Lucky Title team rider Bayley Maxcy is at it again!!! He will be giving you some tips on how to fuel up allowing you to keep on riding longer and getting to that next level.


From Bayley:


Without a top notch diet it’s going to be challenging for you to ride hard 24/7. After you read below you should be able to be more prepared and more ready to go out and shred.

Get in shape:
We all know scootering is good exercise, however lifting weights and running is going to get you more in shape. If you wanna really progress in the sport, exercising can really help your game. Set up a workout plan and stick to it. I guarantee that after a few weeks of working out you will feel super good and strong while riding.

Mommy meals:
Another huge part about staying in shape is eating right. Don't be scarfing down candy bars for breakfast. Make sure you are eating the right amount of calories for your age/weight. Eating a good breakfast in the morning can really help you get through the day with a better amount of energy.

Check out this link from the for more information on proper nutrition for kids and teens.

Kill "excuses"
Bottom line, kill all excuses. If you work out, exercise, and eat right you will be in great riding condition. Even if its cold and wet out you can still do these things which will definitely improve your riding.

Check out Lucky pro rider Capron Funk eating some yummy Chipotle! HUGE Burritos!!







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