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Limited Edition Complete Scooters by Lucky Scooters

Apr 15, 2015 12:03:00 PM

Lucky Scooters has a very unique opportunity going on right now up on their website,!

They are currently offering, for a limited time, 4 different styles of Lucky Custom built complete pro scooters.  They are called “Limited Edition Scooters” that are available at a very affordable price. The scooters range from $179.97 to $269.97 in pricing and are all a little different in terms of the components used to build them. They are based on popular builds created on Lucky’s Custom Scooter Builder.

On the entry level of the spectrum, you have the Lucky “Crew100” complete pro scooter. This is essentially an upgrade from the original Crew complete. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Limited Edition Clover. This was inspired by the original Clover complete.

All 4 of these scooters have some excellent specifications and parts to them, but since we cannot cover all of these scooters in this article, I will break down the Limited Edition Clover for you guys because it is the crème de la crème.  The Limited Edition Clover complete pro scooter comes equipped with:



  • Weight: 8.0 lbs.
  • Deck: Black Clover Deck 20.5” x 4.25” | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Bars: Black Pry bars 22”H x 22”W | 4130 Chromoly
  • Fork: SMX Black | 6061T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Clamp: SCS Black (SCS Compression) | 7003 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Brake: Steely Brake | Spring Steel
  • Headset: FSA Orbit CE Integrated
  • Grips: Nubbins Black
  • Wheels: Lucky Atom Black/Black 110mm with Lucky Speed 9 Bearings

As you can clearly see, just like any other Lucky scooter, the Lucky Limited Edition Scooters have been built with nothing but premium components and are already prepped to perform and destroy out in the field. These scooters are still available for a limited time at, but if I were you, I would get there as soon as possible because these awesome prices for limited custom built complete pro scooters wont stick around for very long!

Woodward West ISA event recap

Mar 30, 2015 3:15:33 PM

I had the chance to go down to Woodward West for the recent ISA competition. It was a pretty good turn out for how far away Woodward is from everything else. I’d say the class with the most riders was probably the pro category making it a hard competition to place top three. I’ll recap the whole event in a few paragraphs so those of you that couldn't attend can get a feel for how the weekend played out.


Friday was practice day for everyone competing Saturday. Due to the resi and foam pit being closed I didn’t really witness any crazy new worlds firsts being thrown; however everyone did throw down. Capron Funk was among many others dialing in his run for Saturday. Practice was from 2pm-9pm and everyone seemed to make the most out of it. Afterwards a lot of the guys went to the Fairfield Inn for a pool and hot tub sesh. Overall it was a pretty mellow day.



Comp day. I was staying at the Fairfield Inn with a lot of other riders and everyone got up early to have breakfast. After everyone had ate, people piled in various cars and drove out to Woodward. Registration for the event had been done the day before so there wasn't a big wait to ride when I arrived.



Beginner 10 and under went first. They held this portion of the competition in the smaller part of the hanger. I didn’t get the chance to watch them all ride but I’m sure the young ones were killing it.


Next up was Intermediate 10 and under. It’s crazy how some kids are under the age of 10 but can already briflip and triple whip. All these kids threw down and showed us just how scary the new generation of riders is going to be.

Beginner 10 and up was held next. The “Big Street” part of the hanger can be kind of intimidating but all the riders seemed to have fun. It’s cool to see kids out there hitting the box jumps and learning the flow of the park.


After beginner 10 and up went it was time for intermediate 10 and up to ride. There was an advanced category so these guys were good but they weren't as good as the advanced riders. I saw a ton of flairs and other bangers so these guys definitely killed it!  


After all the beginner and intermediate riders had gone and the winners had been announced it was time for lunch. The canteen opened up and was serving everyone. They have great food including milkshakes, chicken strips, and anything else a kid could want! (Great food as in taste. Not as in how healthy it is haha).      

After a long break, the advanced category was finally ready to begin. All these riders are the next pro riders in our sport so it was awesome to seem them all throw down! In the end little 10 year old Jordan Robles was able to come in first! He blows my mind more and more each time I see him ride. He’s doing flairs at 10 years old!


Finally it was time for pro to begin. Everyone was practicing there runs and getting ready. After watching all the pros run through the first time I could tell it was going to be hard to judge the top three. The 2nd runs went in order from last place to first place. Cam Ward was in first after his first run and was able to hold strong and take out the win. Team rider Corey Funk dominated as well coming in 2nd with a flawless run. Team riders Capron and Cody were also able to place top 10!


In conclusion, it was a great event and it was put together very well. First place in pro only walked away with $800 which is kinda bad but oh well. If you’re in the area of an ISA event definitely try and make it out. You wont regret it!


How to Cut Your Scooter Bars | Lucky Scooters

Feb 27, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Cutting your scooter bars can be both dangerous and hard. You don't want to cut them too much or your bars will be way to small. There are a few things you're going to need if you're going to try and cut your scooter bars. I'll list those things below along with the procedure of how to do it. 

(Parental supervision is HIGHLY recommended to cut your bars. The tools used are very sharp and Lucky takes no responsibility if you get hurt. Please be safe and have a parent help you.) 

- Hacksaw (This is a very shap tool and you should be very careful when using it) 

- Drill (only if you're making a slit) 

- File (the kind that files down metal, not a nail file LOL) 

- Preferably a vice clamp but not required (helps to hold the bars in place when you cut them) 

- Marker/Sharpie 

- Tape Measure

- Workspace

Alright, after you have all of the following things you are ready to start the procedure. Make sure you really want to cut your bars because you can always go down a little more but you can never go up in size. 

The first thing you're going to want to do is measure the bars. Take your tape measure and measure both the width and height of the bars. Decide where you're going to cut the bars then take your sharpie and mark where you will cut them. Once you have your bars marked and you're positive of where you want to cut them you are ready to begin. (Remember if you're going to cut the width, take the same amount off each side. You dont want to have a pair of bars where one side is longer or shorter than the other.) 

I would suggest cutting the width first as that is just normally what I do, although it doesn't matter what you cut first. This is where the vice clamp comes in handy. You can clamp the bars into the vice which allows them to stay still when you cut them. If you don't have a vice clamp you can just lay them on the ground and begin to hacksaw them. You might need someones help for this as the bars are going to move around if you don't have someone holding them down. Once you get the width cut on both sides you are ready to move on to the height. Depending on if you ride SCS or HIC you may need to also cut a slit. Below I'm going to break down cutting the height for both SCS and HIC. 


If you're cutting your bars for SCS you need to make sure you cut them 1.5 - 2 inches (depends on what SCS you have) under the desired height because SCS raises the height of your bars. Lets say you want your bars to be 22 inches tall. You need to cut them to 20 - 20.5 inches tall because SCS will raise them, making them 22 inches tall. Once you have them viced down or held down, you can begin to cut them. 


Cutting your bars (height wise) for HIC is a little bit different than cutting your bars for SCS. When you cut your bars for HIC you will need to also cut a slit. A slit is needed because without it the bars cannot compress and stay tight. The first thing you're going to want to do is just cut the height you want your bars to be. HIC won't raise the height of your bars, so cut them however tall you want them. Once you have them cut you're ready to cut the slit. The slit should be fairly small. What you're going to want to do first is drill a hold in your bars about two inches up from the bottom. The hole should be at the back of the bars and it should not go through the front. (I will attach a photo that shows what this should look like.) It should also not be a very big hole. Once you have the hole drilled out you're ready to cut the slit. Take your hacksaw and cut from the bottom of the bar up until you reach the drill hole. Once you have that your bars should be radeable and ready to go. 

The last thing you're going to need to do is file down the bars. This allows for them to fit much better in SCS or HIC and allows for bar ends to fit better and more smoothly in your bars. You dont need to file them a lot just enough where you get the rough parts out and you make the bar even and not all sharp. Once you have done that to both the ends of the bars and the height, you are done. 

I hope this helped make your bar cutting process easier. Remember to always have a parent supervise you and help when you cut your bars! 

If you need some new Lucky Scooters bars, you can buy them here! 

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How to Cut Down a Scooter Fork | Lucky Scooters

Feb 25, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Every Lucky part is interchangeable and fits on every other Lucky part. What I mean by this is, you can take the LS fork off the Lucky Crew and put it on the Lucky Clover and it will seamlessly fit together. Sometimes people want to ride Lucky parts with other parts and they dont fit correctly. The only time a lucky part or any part for that matter is not going to fit correctly is if the fork is too long for the head tube. If your fork is too long for your headtube it requires you to use a lot of spacers or cutting your fork down. No one wants to do it either but depending on the parts you might have to. I personally believe cutting your fork is the way to go since you won't have to use all those spacers but some people don't want to do that because if they changed to a different deck the fork could then be too small. It's all a matter of personal opinion. Today I'm going to teach you how to cut your scooter fork if you choose to. 

(Please keep in mind if you're running all Lucky parts there is no reason you would need to trim your fork) 

The first thing you're going to want to do is assess your situation. Check out what kind of fork you have, what compression you're running, and how many spacers you're riding. If you're riding more than three spacers and it looks super bad you may want to consider cutting your fork. 

If you decide you're going to go ahead and cut your fork the first step is to see where the star nut is located. If its low enough you don't need to take it out or worry about cutting into it. If you think you are going to cut into it by cutting the fork, just hammer it down further until you think its good. Also, some forks have starnut stoppers so you may need to just hammer a new starnut in once you cut the fork. Just check out your situation and see what's the best thing to do. Once you have your fork measured and ready to cut you can begin. Just make sure you don't cut it too small otherwise it wont even reach your compression. Place a clamp on the fork where you're going to cut it so you have something to cut along. Take your hacksaw and slice through the fork until the top piece falls off, its that easy. Once that is done you're going to take a metal file and file down the fork tube until it is flat and even. 

Now hammer your starnut in or if you already had one in, you're good to go! I hope this helped you! 


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Jared Jacobs Welcome to Pro Interview | Lucky Scooters

Feb 23, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Jared Jacobs just recently got the bump up to the pro team and for good reason, he shreds. Jared has been with Lucky for a while now starting off on the AM team and making his way up to title and now pro. One of the reasons for his quick progression could be the fact he rides with Kenny Griffin consistently. Whatever the case, he's a shredder and I had the opportunity to sit down with him and get this interview done about his jump up to the pro team. Check it out below! 

Bayley- First off, could we get an introduction as to who you are and what you're all about? 

Jared - What's up, my name is Jared Jacobs and I've been riding scooters for about four years. I like going really fast and hucking myself on tricks. 

Bayley - How did you first get picked up by Lucky? 

Jared - I first got picked up by Lucky in June of 2013 with a video that Damion Black made for me. It was all for fun and the video got a lot of recognition. After the guys at Lucky Scooters watched the video, they contacted me about getting on the AM team. 


Bayley - What has riding with people like Kenny Griffin done for you? 

Jared - Riding with people like Kenny has definitely helped me work hard and become a better rider as a whole. When I would see Kenny go for a gnarly trick, it would pump me up to do something gnarly as well. 

Bayley - Since being on Lucky what's the best thing/experience you've gotten? 

Jared - I would have to say, basically my whole experience with Lucky has been an awesome experience. Being able to ride and represent a company like Lucky Scooters is amazing! I couldn't be happier with my sponsors at the moment! 


Bayley - Why do you think Lucky Scooters decided to bump you up to the pro team? 

Jared - Well, Lucky Scooters has seen how much I've been working to get to the spot I'm at today. After riding for Lucky for a while, they thought it was necessary to bump me up and I couldn't be more happy! 

Bayley - Now that your pro what are some things we might see from you in the future? 

Jared - A lot of the same things you've been seeing from me! I'm going to work hard to keep pumping out videos and parts. Making videos and filming is what I live for in scootering. I'm excited for what the future brings my way.  

Bayley - Any last words? 

Jared - Follow me on Instagram: @yung_jared to stay updated on my videos and photos and such. Thanks so much for the interview Bayley and a huge shout out to my sponsors Lucky Scooters and The Scooter Farm! 


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The Various Styles of Lucky Bars | Lucky Scooters

Feb 20, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Lucky Scooters has 4 different types of scooter bars on the market, all of which have entirely unique looks and innovative design. Each bar type offers an entirely different riding experience so it is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you are looking to purchase a new bar. The first thing you need to establish is whether you want standard or an oversized bar, from there you can figure out which style of bar you want to get. 

The most basic Lucky bar design is the standard T-bars, which are Lucky Pro bars. Lucky Pro Bars are simple, with a clasic design that is perfect for any rider or OG who believes in traditions. The Lucky Pro Bars are reliable, very durable bars that run less expensive than most of Lucky's other bar designs, which is another upside of these bars. If you're looking for something simple, these are the bars for you!



The other 3 types of Lucky bars all fall into the same category of BMX style bars. The Lucky Pry, Tukno and Voodoo bars all contain back sweep and offer very similar looks and feels. You cannot really find a noticeable difference between the 3 when you ride them, but there are slight altercations to the way that each of them is designed. When it comes down to deciding which of these 3 bars to choose from, it ultimately comes down to which one you think looks the best.


Hopefully this article can as a guide for you the next time that you are looking to purchase a new set of Lucky bars. You want to be properly informed so that you can make the right decision for you and your scooter!

Check out the a sick vid of the third installment of West Coast Tour! 

Dealer Locator | How to Use it and Why to Use it

Feb 18, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Sometimes I don't really feel like paying for shipping because it can be really pricey and take a while to arrive. This could be the case if you're in a different country and ordering from Lucky ships out of the U.S. so if you live in a different country shipping rates can rise quickly. is not the only place you can get lucky parts/apparel. We have many dealers (shops) that carry our product worldwide! I'm going to tell you about our deler locator and how you can find the closest shop to get your fresh Lucky parts at! 

Instead of emailing us and asking where you can buy Lucky parts or asking your friends, there is a better solution. The dealer locator is perfect for this question. It's super easy and kind of fun to use as well. What you are going to do is go to this link! Then you will type in your zip code or city, its that easy! Once you have typed in your zip code or city the dealer locator will automatically pull up all the dealers in your area that carry our products! You can then call these dealers/shops to find out if they have the exact thing you're looking for! This is much easier than asking around or emailing us asking where the closest shop is. 


Now you don't have to email us and wait for a response, you just have to go to the dealer locator, type in your zipcode and bam you will know the closest shop to you that sells Lucky product. 

If you find there are no dealers near you but you want to get a new Lucky part you can do so here! 


Proper Scooter Maintenance With Blake Bailor | Lucky Scooters

Feb 16, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Proper scooter maintenance is vital in order to preserve the well-being of your scooter and to save you money. Up keep of bearings, wheels, headset, grip tape and grips are all essential for a smooth ride. In this article, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to properly keep your scooter in tip top shape so keep on reading and try to work some of these things into your weekly scooter schedule. 

First of all, your bearings and headset bearings are a crucial part of how your scooter operates. Weekly cleaning and oiling of all of these bearings can keep you riding smoother and faster for longer periods of time. Your headset bearing must stay clean and oiled up so that your wheels spin quickly and smoothly. Doing this once a week will seriously preserve the life of both your headset and your bearings in your wheels, which will ultimately save you money. 

The second scooter maintenace tip that is important to work into your weekly schedule, in order to have a smoother scoot, is grip and grip tape maintenance! Having control over your scooter when you are out riding around is one of the most important parts about scootering. If you dont have a handle on your grip and grip tape maintenance than all of that control goes out the window. It is important to constantly make sure your grips and grip tape are clear of dust, dirt, water or any other substances that may affect your ability to grip your scooter. A clean sheet of grip tape and some comfortable, really grippy grips are a must. Always replace these things when the time comes! 


One final maintenance tip that I have for you is wheel rotating! Rotating your wheels, like they do with cars, once a week can preserve the urethane life of your wheels and allows you to get your money's worth! I recommend you do this if not once a week, at least once every two weeks. You will defintely notice the difference when you stop buying wheels as often! 














Give these few tips a try and show them to your friends too! Everyone should know how to take proper care of their scooters! I bet they end up thanking you once they try these tips out! 

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Full Core Wheels or Spoked Wheels | Lucky Scooters

Feb 13, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Bayley Maxcy here and if was thinking about getting some new Lucky Scooter's wheels but wasn't sure about which ones, I would ask the question "full core wheels or spoked wheels"? This question came across my mind this morning so I thought I would shine some light on it. If you want to hear my opinion on this matter, read below! 


(Keep in mind I'm comparing the Atom wheel, the Ten wheel and the Icon wheel. Not the 100mm charm wheel) 

In the last three years I feel like full core wheels have died out. A few companies still make them, but I'm seeing less and less of them each day. If I see a kid riding Lucky wheels, 99% of the time they are spoked of some sort. If you were thinking about getting Lucky Wheels but can't decide between the full cores or the 10s/atoms, I feel your struggle. There is really no advantage of the Icons over the 10s/atoms. The only thing people think are better with full cores is the fact they wont snap; however I have NEVER seen a Lucky 10 or Atom wheel snap or break. The Urethane on all three wheels is exactly the same. Personally I think Spoked wheels are better. They look cooler and weigh a bit less than full cores do. The only reason I could see some one getting a full core Lucky Wheel over a spoked one is because they're $2 cheaper. Honestly full core wheels and spoked wheels are the exact same thing in my opinion. If I were you, I would buy which ever set of wheels you think look the best The quality and how they perform is going to be the same for all three wheels (Icon, Tens, Atoms). Whatever wheel you choose, you'll be very happy with the product as Lucky wheels are the best in the game. 



Always remember that size plays a difference as well! Learn the difference between 110mm vs. 100mm

How to Practice Tricks When its Raining | Lucky Scooters

Feb 11, 2015 11:41:00 AM

Bayley Maxcy here and if you're a truly dedicated scooter rider and you're always looking to progress, this write up is for you! Due to the fact its February, it will most likely rain in your near future. If you don't have a local indoor park it can be frustrating sitting at home. I do in fact have a solution to your problem, if you're stuck at home. You can do this whereever and whenever, no skatepark needed! 



You're only going to need three things: your scooter, an empty space where your scooter won't damage anything, and shoes. Basically what you're going to do is simple. You stand and just do the motion of any trick/tricks you want to learn. Like lets say you want to learn to buttercup. Just stand in an empty space so you dont break anything in the room and just do the motion of a buttercup over and over again. You can do this in your living room, your kitchen, anywhere that is safe and you wont break anything. (Be sure to get your parents permission first).  If you repeatedly do the motion of a trick you will learn that trick faster. It may sound a little weird but its the truth. When you do tricks this way it builds muscle memory and will allow you to execute these tricks at the park better. It may seem like a waste of time but I promise you if you do the motion of any trick 1000 times you will get it before someone who doesn't practice it all while at home. This method also works for trying to learn tricks while backflipping. you can lay on the ground, on your back and just throw tailwhips and barspins and any other thing you can think of. Doing this will help make it easier when you go to actually do them during a real backflip. 

All these activities create muscle memory which is a key thing to improving as a rider in thr growing scooter industry. Actually riding at the skatepark isn't all you can do to progress. The mental part of scootering is also a big part of progressing. You have to be mentally prepared to throw tricks and land new bangers. Creating this muscle memory will help you in the long run to improve as a rider. 

I couldn't find a video of anyone doing this (not surprising) so I'm going to link you guys to an article about muscle memory. Now go out and shred! Unless its raining! Be sure to grab a 2014 Lucky Scooter's Crew while they are on sale at $199.97. 

Muscle Memory

Since its February its time to look back on the sweet summer weather



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