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February 4, 2015

Bayley Maxcy here, while some people likely tell you "If you post on social media constantly, you're thirsty for attention and likes." This might be true in some cases, but its certainly not in the action sports industry. Posting on social media is more important than you realize. Whether it be a video of you riding or what you ate for lunch, kids eat that stuff up (see what I did there LOL). Below I'll break down why it's important. It's a little different for sponsored and non sponsored riders so make sure your looking in the right section. 

Sponsored Riders

Posting on one of the various media platforms, believe it or not boosts your sponsors income. Lets say you upload a photo of yourself riding and you tag your sponsor Lucky Scooters. Kids then go to your sponsors page. Some might even look at their bio and then order from your sponsors website. Tagging your sponsor in posts gets them more followers and likes therefore boosting sales. If your sponsor sells more, you get more. It's just a whole chain reaction sort of thing. Posting can also get you recognition and create more opportunities for yourself. It's also a cool way to see your progession as a rider and to look at all the places you have been to. Another thing that is big is posting on YouTube. Kids want to see you ride and the more YouTube videos you upload the more kids see your name and in the end, the more your sponsor sells. The bigger your sponsor gets, the bigger you get. Posting on social media is very important and worth the time. 





Unsponsored Riders

Now posting on social media as an unsponsored rider is a bit different. You're not promoting anyone or trying to drive sales. You're simply just posting for the fun of it. If you're trying to get sponsored though, posting becomes very important. A company isn't going to sponsor someone they can't even find video footage of. If you aren't posting frequently on Instagram they're probably going to think you're not too into riding. It's important to be posting frequently and always coming out with new edits if you're looking for a sponsor. 


Having a big following is not a bad thing. what if you want to break away and start up your own company? Chances are if you have a big following, your company will prosper must faster and much more. There are many advantages to posting every day than to not post everyday. In the end though its what you want to do. Just note, its not a bad thing to be posting frequently. 

Check out this video that helps reinforce what I just wrote. She is focusing more on the business and their involvement in social media. But you can apply a lot of it yourself and be able to get an edge over other riders. 




Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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