Universal Bar Adapter UBA

November 3, 2014

The UBA is for people still living in 2009 hahah. Just kidding, its actually for anyone with a threaded fork (do people still ride those?). What it does is gives you the ability to run oversized bars with a threaded fork. Alot of the cool designed bars come in oversized so this is a huge plus. If you do for some reason have a threaded fork, the UBA is for you!


“Our one-of-a-kind Universal Bar Adapter allows any oversize bar to fit on a threaded fork. Like the HIC Kit, It is made of Delrin composite, a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant material that dampens vibration, protects against the weakening of the bar, and makes it easy to remove and adjust headset tension. If you have a threaded fork and want to use an oversized bar (1 3/8") diameter this is for you!”



Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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