The Easiest Way to Put On Grip Tape

January 26, 2015

When it comes to putting grip tape on your deck, there are alot of different ways to do it. Whenever I grip my deck, I always check to make sure that the grip tape covers the entire deck so no matter where I stand my shoes will stick. Keep in mind this applies to people who have a sheet of grip tape bigger than their deck (a skateboard size sheet for example). This does not include grip tape that comes pre cut for a certain deck. To start off you are going to need the following items 


  • Griptape Sheet (preferably bigger than your deck)
  • Razor Blade 
  • Sanding Sheet
  • File/Scissors 

Once you have all this stuff you are ready to start. The first thing you are going to do is remove your old grip tape if you had any on your deck. Next, take the sanding block/sheet and sand the whole top of the deck where the grip tape is going to go. This roughens up the deck and allows for the grip tape to stick better and not peel off. Whether you have a new deck or your gripping an old deck, this step is crucial if you want your grip tape to stick good. Once you have done this you are ready to move on. Take the piece of grip tape and lay it over the deck, headtube, and brake (or take your brake off. I think it's easier to grip the deck this way) Then take the razor blade and cut along the headtube and the brake to take off the excess grip tape. Next, grab the file/scissors and file the edges of the deck (also shown in video.) Grab your razor blade and slice the edges of the grip tape off along the deck till they come off. Then take your razor blade and slice around the brake bolt holes to remove the grip tape there. 

You are done! Installing grip tape is that easy! You can get a visual as to what I'm talking about if you watch the video below! Make sure to be safe when using sharp items such as razor blades and always have a parent there to help you out! 





Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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