The Complete Line Of Pro Scooter Forks

May 28, 2020

The Complete Line Of Forks | Lucky Scooters 

The freestyle scooter fork has had one special journey compared to the rest of the component family that exists within the ecosystem that makes up a complete pro scooter. In fact, it was only just a few short years ago that it seemed as though nearly every single freestyle scooter fork that was currently available on the market would bend, break, or snap in some way, shape or form, which luckily (no pun intended) is no longer the case in the freestyle scooter industry today. However, with all of that being said, it is always nice to look back and be able to see just how far we have really come as both an industry and as a sport.

(super old photo of our original "LS" forks) 

og forks.jpg

We over here at Lucky Scooters pride ourselves on the careful engineering that goes into the designing and manufacturing of our freestyle scooter forks because we thoroughly understand the many dangers that come into play when a freestyle scooter enthusiast is forced to ride a fork that they cannot trust. Our entire line of freestyle scooter forks features premium quality materials, and naturally meets all of the vital freestyle scooter fork requirements that any freestyle scooter enthusiast would look for in a fork for their personal set-up.



Not to mention the fact that our selection of freestyle scooters forks is rather wide compared to that of many of the other freestyle scooter brands in the industry. With our beloved SMX fork, the classic LS Pro fork, the all-new Helux, Huracan, and Indy forks, as well as the Vektor fork in our arsenal, it isn’t hard to understand why we praise our line of forks so much. On top of all of that, each and every single one of these bad boys has a very unique design that allows them to bring something different to the table than all of the others.


If all of you freestyle scooter enthusiasts out there are looking to be shredding around on one of the highest quality, most durable freestyle scooter forks in the entire world than you simply have no other option than to roll with a Lucky Scooters fork, so make sure to go check them out on our website at Lucky Scooters and snag one for yourselves, while supplies still last.




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Written By: Blake Bailor

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