The Chicago Street Jam | Lucky Scooters

September 5, 2014


Lucky Scooters just recently flew me (Blake Bailor) out to the annual Chicago Street Jam in Chicago, Illinois, to represent the brand out in the streets! I was lucky enough (no pun intended) to be able to take home second place at one of the Jam locations, with a Bri-Flip over the Nine at the Clock Tower Ledges, which was the highlight of my trip, along with meeting tons of fresh scooter faces. Being able to experience the mid-west scooter scene first hand was something that I have looked forward to doing for sometime now! I’m glad I was finally able to make it out and be a part of it all! Stay tuned for a Chicago Street Jam video to be released soon and, also, be sure to check out some of the photos from the event!




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Written By: Blake Bailor

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