I Just Wanna Have Fun With My Friends: Tanner Fox | Lucky Scooters

January 25, 2018

I Just Wanna Have Fun With My Friends: Tanner Fox | Lucky Scooters 

Although Lucky Scooters pro team rider, Tanner Fox, and his recent success as a YouTube personality have created quite a jam packed day to day schedule, it is awesome to see that the YouTube star somehow still finds some time to go the skate park with his friends, and have a good time, even if it is only once in a blue moon. For the vast majority of you big time Tanner Fox fans out there, you all may not be fully aware of just how talented of a freestyle scooter rider Tanner was before he amassed his remarkable 6 million YouTube subscribers. Not only was Tanner riding and competing in freestyle scooter competitions all over the world, but also on top of that, he was even qualifying for the annual International Scooter Association’s world championship event, which takes place at the end of each year. Anyway, with all of that being said, based upon one of Tanner’s most recent YouTube video blog uploads, it seems as though he might have finally found some free time to go to the skate park with his friends, which is always good to see.



This particular video blog does an excellent job of showcasing exactly what it is like as a professional freestyle scooter rider, living in the very beautiful and very sunny southern California. These guys typically have the luxury of riding some of the very best skate parks in the entire world, and they are never really concerned about the weather because it is nice and sunny every single day of the week. So for all of you freestyle scooter enthusiasts out there, who are being shafted by winter’s bone, you can watch this latest and greatest riding video of Tanner’s, and hopefully get stoked.





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One of perhaps the coolest aspects of watching videos such as this most recent riding video of Tanner’s, is being able to see how all of these remarkably talented young gentlemen interact with one another when they are all at the skate park just messing and around and having a good time with one another. Overall, it is most likely safe to say that Tanner’s YouTube title for this particular video says it best: “I Just Wanna Have Fun With My Friends”. If you haven’t checked this video out yet than we over here at Lucky Scooters highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned right here at the Lucky Scooters blog for more awesome Lucky Scooters team rider information and updates, as well as any and all other future Lucky Scooters news, content, and more.


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Written By: Blake Bailor

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