Lucky Pros at Pro Scooter Series Australia

September 29, 2015

Stops 1 & 2 - Pro Scooter Series 2015

Pro Scooter Series is the biggest and highest paying scooter competition (competitions) in the world. The series contains a few smaller competitions and then a final competition where first place walks away with $10,000! The first two competitions are done and Lucky had a HUGE showing at both events with pro riders Capron Funk and Corey Funk. Below you can read a little write up on the competitions. Enjoy!

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Stop 1 - Bunker Skatepark
Lucky flew the Funk brothers out to show Australia how the USA does it and they have showed quite nicely so far. The first stop was at Bunker skatepark where Capron and Corey both threw down insane runs and had everyone on the live stream hyped. A Lot of people thought Capron should have came out with the win but he ended up placing 2nd with his bother Corey taking 4th! Congrats to both of them!

Capron and Corey Funk at Bunker Skatepark

Stop 2 - The Park
Stop number 2 was held at The Park which is a street like plaza. With another live stream available, everyone at home was eager to see who would take the cake at stop number two. Well once again, Corey and Capron came ready to ride. Corey killed it so hard. From backflips down stair sets and uprail grind combos it was clear that he deserved first and that’s exactly what he got. Capron rode really hard to and came in with 4th. These guys are unstoppable!

Capron Funk on Pro Scooter Series Podium

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Written By: Lucky Scooters

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