Lunar Pro Scooter Wheels

May 28, 2020

Lunar Pro Scooter Wheels 

If we had to choose the one piece of the scooter that we value the most here at Lucky Scooters, there’s a pretty good chance we might land on our wheels.

From the time we released our first wheel to finally dropping our new Lunar pro scooter wheels in both 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm. Lucky has paved the way in the industry when it comes to the standard of how a wheel should be built as well as how it should ride. We pride ourselves on having the smoothest, fastest, and most durable scooter wheels in the entire scooter industry. But enough about our history, we’re here to tell you about the all new Lunar wheels!

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The Lunar wheels have been out for a couple months now and we’ve been getting nothing but great feedback on them, which is why we decided to drop a couple new color ways as well as sizes. We’ve covered the Lunar wheels in a previous blog post but if you aren’t familiar with them, check out their specs below:

Lucky Lunar Pro Scooter Wheel specs:

  • Lightest and newest wheel in the Lucky wheel quiver
  • Lucky Rebound Technology
  • .36lbs per wheel
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized Coating
  • 180-day warranty
  • Bearings Included
  • Available in 100mm, 110mm, & 120mm

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Now it’s time to talk about all the new Lunar wheels that everyone is so stoked about. To start, we’ve listened to the feedback from people in the industry and we’re proud to roll out (no pun intended) new sizing for these very popular wheels. They now come in 100mm as well as 120mm. Of course, we’ve kept the 110mm wheels that everyone loves so much.



In 100mm, we’ve released a NeoChrome colorway as well as the very popular Supernova design.  These two great colors will satisfy anyone looking to pick up a Lunar wheel in 100mm. In 110mm, we’ve released a BUNCH of new designs. The Axis Lunar wheel in either black/black or black/teal is the perfect wheel to snag and pair up with your Lucky Scooters Axis deck, as the design on the wheel matches the design on the bottom of the deck. If you’re into a clean and matching scooter, we highly recommend this combination. You’ve also got the Tag in black/black as well as the Tat in black/blue. We aren’t even sure how to describe the unique design on these wheels so we’re just going to leave a photo below for you to stare at in awe for a while!



The wheel we are MOST excited about would hands down have to be the new Zephyr Lunar wheel. With an eraser-like pink color for the urethane and an elegant floral design running across the core, you might spend more time looking at them than riding them. They’re just that rad! This wheel has been in the works for about a year now and with pink becoming super popular now, we felt it was the perfect time to drop this wheel for all you shredders to pick up! Buying these wheels will not only get you a set of the best shoes in the industry, but it will also make all your friends jealous when you roll into the park on your new Zephyr wheels!


Finally, we are proud to introduce 120mm Lunar wheels. Just like the 100mm ones, you have two designs to pick from: NeoChrome and Zephyr. If you want to go fast and look stylish at the same time, nothing would fit you better than a brand new set of 120mm Lunar wheels.



So, as you can see, this wheel drop is nothing to sleep on. If you’re in need of a new set of wheels or just want to get the latest and greatest, head over to or your local Lucky Scooters dealer and pick up a new set of Lunar wheels!

Pick up a set of Lunar wheels HERE!


Written By: Lucky Scooters

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