Lucky Scooters | Havasu 2017

March 14, 2017

Lucky Scooters | Havasu 2107 

If you haven’t heard about what just recently took place in Arizona than I’m afraid that you have missed out on quite the event because a fairly large portion of Lucky Scooters team riders just recently headed out to Lake Havasu skate park for some hardcore sessions, as well as an opportunity to meet some of their local fans. During their time spent at Lake Havasu skate park, the boys also managed to gather quite the collection of footage to showcase everything that went down through out the extent of the trip, and I must say that they can do some remarkably impressive things in such a short amount of time.


In total, they somehow managed to collect nearly 8 minutes of video worthy footage, and it has all been edited together for your personal enjoyment. As you will see in the video, there was a pretty excellent turn out at the event, and some of the professional team riders even hosted their own product toss in order to give some of the younger shredders out there a chance to take home some free Lucky gear. Overall, I think its safe to say that the event was extremely successful, especially when you take into consideration all of the awesome footage that these hardworking gentlemen were able to take home with them. These guys clearly pushed themselves to the limit in order to produce a very high quality freestyle scooter video, and that is precisely what they have done.

If you are a fan of seeing a million smiling faces than this video is definitely the right fit for you, and with some of Lucky Scooters most talented professional team riders featured all through out the video, how could you not be desperate to see all of the jaw dropping freestyle scooter maneuvers that they roll away from?




With names like Cody Flom and Derek Marr involved in the project, you know that it is bound to have some bangers featured in it. All of these dudes seriously know how to destroy every single obstacle that is put in front of them, while also somehow managing to have the time of their life in the process, which is a characteristic that we all have to appreciate. I still cannot move on from derek’s huge toboggan down the 14 stair set. That trick came out of left field for me, personally, and I honestly didn’t even know he had that in him, but I stand corrected. Anyways, this video is filled with plenty of phenomenal freestyle scooter maneuvers, so be sure to check it out from beginning to end and witness everything that went down at this awesome event. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at the Lucky Scooters blog for more excellent Lucky Scooters team rider and event content, along with any and all other future Lucky Scooters news, content, and updates.


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Written By: Blake Bailor

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