Lucky Scooters | Cody Flom | Welcome To Pro

November 10, 2014

Since Cody has joined Lucky he has shown the progression of a future champion, qualifying for the 2014 ISA World Champions we knew it was only a matter of time before he was ready to make the jump and represent Lucky as a full fledged Pro! Expect tons of content from this young talented shredder” - Lucky Scooters


Cody Flom has been making his way through the competition scene for about two years now. I remember watching him make his way through the AM class and up to the pro level. It seemed like not to long ago he was winning AM comps and now he has been officially bumped up to the Lucky pro team! I’ve had the pleasure of riding with Cody and he reminds me a lot of Kota. He’s always learning new tricks and never seems to stop progressing. I cant wait to see where he is in about two years from now, my guess would be at the top of every pro competition. Check out his welcome to pro video below! That banger is just jaw dropping…


Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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