Lucky Scooter Tanner Fox In Australia

April 16, 2015

Tanner Fox has been in Australia for about two weeks now and I hear he’s loving it. He’s been filming a ton and taking heaps of photos. I’m going to do a little recap of where he’s been so far and how you can find out where he’ll be at next. Check out this old post about 6 Tricks with Tanner Fox

He was picked up from the airport by his friend and fellow scooter rider Sammy. They then headed to Bunker skatepark to get some shredding in. Tanner was able to get a few chill clips with some of the locals. It looks like such a good park!

Later in the week he also got the chance to sesh The Shed indoor skatepark and riverslide skatepark. He got a bunch of new tricks at The Shed and riverslide skatepark. Here’s a quick video of him flipping the bank to bank hip at riverslide.

His final few stops around Melbourne were at Rampfest and “The Park” (both are highly known indoor skateparks). The mini mega at The Park looks like sooo much fun and it seems Tanner absolutely loved it. He even said the park was “such an amazing skatepark”. Check out his scooter below chilling in front of The Park.


Next up was Gold Coast time. Tanner was super hyped to head there and ride the world famous GC Compound. GC was not a let down to him at all. He learned way too many ticks to count and filmed a ton of bangers. You can check out just a few of the bangers he landed below.

Yesterday he even got to visit the world famous “Cali” park and meet the legend himself, Ryan Williams. Tanner is still currently on the Gold Coast riding skate parks all over. Make sure you’re following him on Instagram so you can see where he will be next!!


Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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