Introducing the 2016 Lucky PROSPECT Pro Scooter

December 14, 2015

Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter

The Prospect is another one of our new pro scooters coming out of the deep roots collection. This complete wasn’t in our last run of scooters so I can’t quite go over everything that’s new because the whole scooter is new! Read below to find out what makes the Prospect so awesome.


First looks...

My personal favorite thing about the Prospect is the bottom graphics. Designed by a local artist named Shogo, it really gives the scooter a unique look that I love. You could even say that this scooter is out of this galaxy good :). The Prospect comes in a ton of sweet colors including bright teal which really pops! HIC compression, Atom wheels, and a perfect sized deck for all the bri flip like tricks will make this one of the most sought after completes in 2016.





Final thoughts....

Just like my final thoughts on the Crew, my final thoughts on the Prospect are nothing but good things. It’s light, well priced, looks good, and has all the bells and whistles that makes a scooter top notch now a day. The Prospect is one of four new complete scooters for sale! 


 Check out the Lucky Prospect HERE


Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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