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February 23, 2015

Jared Jacobs just recently got the bump up to the pro team and for good reason, he shreds. Jared has been with Lucky for a while now starting off on the AM team and making his way up to title and now pro. One of the reasons for his quick progression could be the fact he rides with Kenny Griffin consistently. Whatever the case, he's a shredder and I had the opportunity to sit down with him and get this interview done about his jump up to the pro team. Check it out below! 

Bayley- First off, could we get an introduction as to who you are and what you're all about? 

Jared - What's up, my name is Jared Jacobs and I've been riding scooters for about four years. I like going really fast and hucking myself on tricks. 

Bayley - How did you first get picked up by Lucky? 

Jared - I first got picked up by Lucky in June of 2013 with a video that Damion Black made for me. It was all for fun and the video got a lot of recognition. After the guys at Lucky Scooters watched the video, they contacted me about getting on the AM team. 


Bayley - What has riding with people like Kenny Griffin done for you? 

Jared - Riding with people like Kenny has definitely helped me work hard and become a better rider as a whole. When I would see Kenny go for a gnarly trick, it would pump me up to do something gnarly as well. 

Bayley - Since being on Lucky what's the best thing/experience you've gotten? 

Jared - I would have to say, basically my whole experience with Lucky has been an awesome experience. Being able to ride and represent a company like Lucky Scooters is amazing! I couldn't be happier with my sponsors at the moment! 


Bayley - Why do you think Lucky Scooters decided to bump you up to the pro team? 

Jared - Well, Lucky Scooters has seen how much I've been working to get to the spot I'm at today. After riding for Lucky for a while, they thought it was necessary to bump me up and I couldn't be more happy! 

Bayley - Now that your pro what are some things we might see from you in the future? 

Jared - A lot of the same things you've been seeing from me! I'm going to work hard to keep pumping out videos and parts. Making videos and filming is what I live for in scootering. I'm excited for what the future brings my way.  

Bayley - Any last words? 

Jared - Follow me on Instagram: @yung_jared to stay updated on my videos and photos and such. Thanks so much for the interview Bayley and a huge shout out to my sponsors Lucky Scooters and The Scooter Farm! 


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Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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