Introducing the 2016 Lucky ViceGrips

January 15, 2016

Lucky ViceGrips

Grips. One of the things all of us overthink but quite possibly the most important part of the scooter. What if you’ve got bad grips that get sweaty with ease and you can’t land tricks? What if you’re always ripping your grips and having to purchase new ones every month? We are here to solve your problems. With the launch of the deep roots collection we also launched our new grips. It seems like everyone riders ODI and that’s understandable as they are quality grips; however don’t you think it’s time the scooter industry had the best grips in the game? We do. Introducing the ViceGrips.

Soft, grippy, AND stylish? That’s what the new Lucky ViceGrips are all about. Grips are grips you might think, but at Lucky we feel grips are the connection between you and your scooter. Some grips are grippy but ugly, some look good but get sweaty easy. Some are too long, some too short. Well the Vice grips are here to save your struggle. ViceGrips are not only super grippy but they are soooo comfortable. We took our no-Nubbins and made them more durable and comfortable, and a tad bit longer. The Vicegrips are the best scooter grips in the industry, hands down! Hey, they’ll even fit your bike!

ViceGrips come in six awesome color ways that we feel will match any scooter and make any ride look wicked. Nothing really else to say about these grips except check them out for yourself HERE










Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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