Introducing the 2016 Lucky Scooters TCS

February 4, 2016

2016 Lucky TCS

What is TCS? Toolless Compression System (TCS) is Hidden Compression System (HIC) without the need for an allen wrench to tighten or loosen your compression system. Unlike HIC, TCS uses a shim with an integrated bolt and allows you to tighten or loosen your compression with your hand, no tool required! This saves you lots of time when your super into a sesh but you need to tighten your compression. We have many Pro’s riding TCS and it always stays tight for them. The TCS also includes finger tabs so you don’t have to get your hand all greasy. Save time, money, and comfort by purchasing TCS today!

 TCS is available HERE

Check out this perfect video the shows how to use TCS! - WATCH HERE













Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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