Introducing the 2016 Lucky Indy fork

January 9, 2016

Lucky Indy Fork

It seems like one of the biggest things at the end of 2015 and going into 2016 was 120mm wheels. Well that’s understandable as bigger is better and who doesn’t want to go faster? With that in mind we came out with 120mm wheels and therefore the Indy fork was born. We wanted to design a fork that could fit 120mm wheels yet still look sleek and stylish. Something that didn’t look out of place or to big ad we felt we have done just that. You can take a closer look at the Indy fork below and hear about what makes it so good.

Closer look:   

Here’s a quick quote for you all! "The latest and the greatest fork in the Industry. Built to last and perfect for every pro scooter that has a front wheel! The Lucky INDY™ fork was designed after we saw a huge request in the scooter industry for 120mm wheel compatible forks. Well we listened and the Indy fork was born. Not only is the Indy perfect for foot jams, nose blunts, and crooks, but it also looks so sick as well. With six colors available you can really customize your whip and make your scooter super unique. Just like every other Lucky fork the Indy is built with the best material and with strength in mind. The fork is backed with our 90 day warranty just like EVERY other Lucky part” -

The Indy fork has 10mm offset just like the rest of our forks. It was built to last and it looks so good as well.




Final thoughts?

Our final thoughts on the Indy fork are nothing but good things. It looks good, fits 120mm wheels, and is affordable.


If you’re looking to buy the Indy fork you can do so HERE or at your local dealer!






Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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