How to progress as a rider

November 5, 2014

There are a few key tips on to progress as a rider. Some people progress much faster than others. It’s all about what you do and the approach you take to riding. If you want to learn how to progress fast and become good quick, I’m going to go over some things that might be worth your time to read. Check them out below!


(the following list of things applies to riders who are serious about the sport and want to progress and become better. If you don’t want to progress and you just want to ride and have fun, and aren't worried about getting better quick and competing at a higher level, this article isn't for you)

  1. First - Dedication. You need to be dedicated to riding your scooter. If you want to progress quickly, you need to be going to the park everyday that you can. You got to be riding hard when you're at the park and not sitting around watching other people ride. Remember, practice makes perfect.

  2. Second - Attitude. You got to have a good attitude. If you can't land a trick thats ok, dont get discouraged and give up. Not landing tricks is part of the sport. Try it again a different day.

  3. Third - Huck it. You got to be able to just huck it. The best way to learn a trick is to just pratice, pratice, pratice it. If you fall, get up and go for it again. The riders who progress the fastest are the riders who just huck stuff and try everything. You can't be afraid to get hurt or fall down.

  4. Fourth - Have the right equipment. If you’ve got an ultra pro with worn down wheels and no grips, its going to be harder for you to progress then say someone with a Clover complete. Have equipment that will help you prosper and continue to get better as a rider. This goes with safety equipment as well. If you want a mouth guard because you feel like you're going to chip your teeth, buy one and wear it. The same goes with knee pads, helmets, etc.

So there they are, a few tips on how to progress at a quicker pace.


Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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