How to paint splatter your parts

January 21, 2015

I've had a ton of people ask me "how did you paint your parts like that?". Well the correct term is "paint splatter" and it's easier than you might think. Below I'm going to reveal how I paint splattered my pro scooter parts and I'll let you know about everything you are going to need. 


First off lets start with the tools you are going to need. Remember there is more than one way to paint splatter parts, this is just how I did it. 

  • The spray paint (whatever colors you want. I did red, white and blue) 
  • However many colors you are choosing to paint, you need that amount of paint brushes (you're splattering green and yellow? You need two paint brushes) The paint brushes can be throw away brushes. 
  • A clean workspace 
  • Something that can get paint on it (I used big painters tarps but you could use a lot of thick newspaper or whatever). 
  • Some sort of plastic. (garbage trash bags work) 


That's all the stuff you'll need. The first thing you are going to want to do is decide which part you're paint splattering. Once you have the part picked out check to see if it needs to be masked off or covered any where. Like if you're splattering a deck, I would put tape where the headset goes so you dont splatter that part. 

Once you have that done you need to set up your workspace. Lets say you're using a newspaper. set it on the ground and hang it in the back because when you splatter the part paint is going to fly behind it and you aren't going to want anything to get paint on it, especially not your moms nice wall. 

Next you're going to want to decide if you're splattering the part how it is or if you're giving it a bass color. when I painted my Kota deck I first painted it white then splattered it to make it "pop" more. If your splattering a black bar it might be a good idea to paint it white first so the splatter stands out more. 

Once you have given your scooter part a base color (or not) you need to lay out the plastic. You're going to want to spray whatever color you're splattering heavy onto the plastic. Then quickly take your paint brush, dip it in the spray paint, and flick the paint brush at your part. The paint should splatter off your brush onto your scooter part. You can flick harder and softer, and flick at different angles to give it a different splatter look. You will have to repeat the spraying process with almost every flick as the spray paint will dry right up on the plastic as soon as you spray it. If you are splattering more than one color let your first color sit for 30 minutes, then repeat the process with a new color. 

Lastly, make sure to clean up your workspace. You dont want to leave it a mess and irrate your mom and dad.  Hopefully your paint splattered part comes out sick and you love it! 



(Lucky does not take responsibility for damaged parts or goods during the painting process. We also recommend you have a parent supervise you while splattering).


Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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