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February 13, 2015

Bayley Maxcy here and if was thinking about getting some new Lucky Scooter's wheels but wasn't sure about which ones, I would ask the question "full core wheels or spoked wheels"? This question came across my mind this morning so I thought I would shine some light on it. If you want to hear my opinion on this matter, read below! 


(Keep in mind I'm comparing the Atom wheel, the Ten wheel and the Icon wheel. Not the 100mm charm wheel) 

In the last three years I feel like full core wheels have died out. A few companies still make them, but I'm seeing less and less of them each day. If I see a kid riding Lucky wheels, 99% of the time they are spoked of some sort. If you were thinking about getting Lucky Wheels but can't decide between the full cores or the 10s/atoms, I feel your struggle. There is really no advantage of the Icons over the 10s/atoms. The only thing people think are better with full cores is the fact they wont snap; however I have NEVER seen a Lucky 10 or Atom wheel snap or break. The Urethane on all three wheels is exactly the same. Personally I think Spoked wheels are better. They look cooler and weigh a bit less than full cores do. The only reason I could see some one getting a full core Lucky Wheel over a spoked one is because they're $2 cheaper. Honestly full core wheels and spoked wheels are the exact same thing in my opinion. If I were you, I would buy which ever set of wheels you think look the best The quality and how they perform is going to be the same for all three wheels (Icon, Tens, Atoms). Whatever wheel you choose, you'll be very happy with the product as Lucky wheels are the best in the game. 



Always remember that size plays a difference as well! Learn the difference between 110mm vs. 100mm

Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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