The East Coast Scooter Scene | with Jonmarco Gaydos

October 27, 2014

I recently did a little interview about the East Coast scene with up and comer Lucky title team rider Jonmarco Gaydos. About a year ago not a lot of people knew who Jonmarco was. Now you can't really go to any East Coast competition and not see him take first place in the AM class.

The East Coast scene has been developing increasingly fast lately. With some big name pros and best female rider in the world Kiara Meade living on the East Coast, you know the scene has been blowing up. 



Bayley  - Hey Jonmarco, can we first get an introduction as to who you are exactly?
Jonmarco - Hi, my name is JonMarco Gaydos I'm 11 years old from Brick NJ. I’m a title/pro rider for Lucky Scooters and I'm also sponsored by ELYTS Footwear and The Shop. I have been riding for 2 1/2 years.



Bayley - When you first started riding was the scooter scene on the East Coast smaller than it is now?Jonmarco - I think it's about the same and that may be because I have only been riding for two and a half years.



Bayley - I know you have traveled all over the East Coast to compete. Where would you say the biggest scooter scene is? TIC., Rye, Black Diamond, etc?
Jonmarco - I think TIC definitely has the biggest scooter scene. Its such an amazing training facility and a lot of pros go there.



Bayley - Do you think having a big name girl rider like Kiara on the East Coast has helped any girls get into the sport?
Jonmarco - Not only do I think Kiara helps girls in the sport but boys as well. Kiara was one of the first scooter riders I met at TIC. In fact she taught me how to tailwhip. She has both boys and girls look up to her and admire what she does every day.


Bayley - Would you say having a big time “scooter friendly” local park like TIC has helped you and others on the East Coast progress your riding?  
Jonmarco - Absolutely!!! With all the pros that ride at TIC you can't help but want to ride harder. As I said before TIC is an amazing training facility and everyone supports each other and helps push you to go bigger and do better.




Bayley - I know you have been to the West Coast as well. Would you say the scene is bigger on the East Coast or West Coast?
Jonmarco - The scene is way bigger on the west coast. I love it out there. It's so great to ride outside. We have outdoor parks on the East Coast but nothing comparable to what's on the west coast. I always look forward to my trips out west.




Bayley - Where do you see the scooter scene in 2 years?
Jonmarco - I would love to see the scooter scene in the X-games in 2 years.


Bayley - Any last words?
Jonmarco - Everyone keep an eye out. I'll be dropping my welcome to Title edit real soon and if you don't already, follow me on Instagram! @jonmarcogaydos


Check out Jonmarco’s most recent video and be on the lookout for his new “Welcome to Title” edit dropping soon!!!

Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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