Dakota Schuetz 3X World Champion

August 27, 2014

Dakota Schuetz just recently won his third consecutive world championship title at Scootfest in the United Kingdome. Several other Lucky team riders, including Corey Funk, Cody Flom and Hunter Schuetz also competed in the event. Dakota was looking very good during the practice days leading up to the event and than managed to take home the trophy again this year! Dakota was also riding his, highly sought after, signature complete Lucky Scooter, which makes this win all the more awesome.

If you never had the chance to witness Dakota's "Prepping For Worlds" video then now is your chance! Dakota completely dominated in this video, landing worlds firsts left and right. This video was also Dakota's first time really showcasing his signature complete, which should be hitting the market anytime now! Anyways, give this video a look if you haven't yet, or if you have, and be on the look out for the Dakota Schuetz 2014 signature complete Lucky Scooter! Coming soon!




Written By: Blake Bailor

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