Competition day | How to perform your best

November 14, 2014

Competition day can either be a really exciting day for you or a really stressful day, it just all depends on how you interpret it. Most people feel a lot of pressure during competition day because of a few things. Maybe there sponsor is there watching them, or their parents are there, or there just nervous in general because they have to ride in front of a large crowd. Whatever the case may be, you should not be nervous during a comp. I’m going to go over some things that have helped me, and hopefully you can take what you've learned and apply it to yourself to compete at a better level.

  • First, eat a good breakfast. Like your mom always said, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Eating a good breakfast can help you better prepare for the day ahead. No I don't mean cinnamon rolls and a soda. Try and eat something healthy and nutritious that will give you a lot of energy like an egg, some bacon, and toast. Also try a banana which is loaded with potassium. A good breakfast can be a key to your success.

  • Second, know your run. You will be much more relaxed and focused if you know your run and aren't just “winging” it when they call your name. Try and make it out to the park the day before and get a minute run down that you're confident you can land almost every time. Having a solid run down can make you a lot less nervous and in the end can make you perform a lot better.  

  • Third, know the judges. I cant stress this one enough. You should be able to figure out who the judges are before the competition starts. You may ask yourself, “why do I care who the judges are”? Good question. Knowing the judges and their riding style can in the end benefit you and how you place in the competition. Say theres a judge who’s super into flowing around and doing “style” tricks like turndowns and stuff. Even though judges aren't suppose to give you a higher score when you do tricks they like, they normally do. Know your judges and build a run around them and you will prosper.

Corey_2ndLastly, and very important!!, its just a competition. At the end of the day just remember, its only a competition. It doesn't matter if there are people watching you or where you place. We all just compete to have fun and make memories. Try and not focus on all the people watching you and just imagine that you're just shredding the park by yourself.

Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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