How to install a Lucky Rear Peg and Peg axle

March 28, 2013

Pro scooter pegs are a very popular addition to pro scooters that many riders enjoy.  They have become popular because the open up new tricks and combos.  They are especially popular for certain grind tricks.  Installing pegs is a very easy and quick modification that anyone is able to do.

Below we will break down the process on how to install them onto the rear axle of one of our pro scooter decks (many decks use the same size rear axle peg bolts) and what tools you will need.  The new decks are used on our complete pro scooters 

To start off you will need pegs and the peg axle.  The Motion deck will need a 3" inch rear peg axle, pictured below.  You will also need a set of allen keys (or hex key) to remove the installed Pro Scooter axle.  You will also need a 6mm allen wrench and 1/2" socket wrench for the peg axle nut (not pictured).



Once you have all of your tools together have the scooter held secure and use the allen wrenches to remove the current axle.  When you remove the axle make sure to watch out for the spacers and not lose them.  They are small and can get away from you.  Once you have the axle loose use one of the allen wrenches to push the rest of the axle out.  You will be left with the spacers, the wheel and the axle.

Lucky Pro Scooter rear axle  Lucky Scooter rear axle removal  Lucky Scooter removed rear axle  
Lucky Scooters Rear wheel spacers and axle

Now that you have the wheel, axle and spacers apart it's time to get started on the installation.  Prepare you peg by running the peg axle through it.  Once you do that decice what side you would like the peg to go.  I chose to put it on the right side of the deck.

Lucky Peg with axle through

This is where it gets interesting!  If you try to hold the wheel and 2 spacers in place by hand you will spend all day arguing and calling the spacers names, they just do not want to stay still, very annoying!! 

What you to make your life easier is pass the peg axle bolt a little bit at a time through the opening and use it to hold the spacer in place.  Then pass it through a little bit more and hold the wheel in place, then finally a little more to hold the final spacer in place and pass it through the last opening on the deck!

Lucky Peg installation beggining Lucky peg install wheel   Lucky peg install final

Now that you have the peg axle through all you have left to do is to start tightening the 1/2" nut.  Start tightening by hand to hold it in place and once its on use your socket wrench to tighten it up all the way.

Here we have the rear peg and axle installed!  See very easy.

installed lucky peg axle installed peg on lucky motion deck

I hope this little tutorial helps.  If you think we should have other tutorials please comment below.

Written By: Eli Montalvo

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