Pro Scooter Tricks How to from Lucky

February 22, 2013

I dont think we have ever met a scooter rider who isnt obsessed with getting a trick right or learning a new trick,  I know we are!  It's not hard to figure out why, we totally get the feeling you have when you first get that awesome tricked out Lucky Pro Scooter and you wanted to head out right away and ride street or go to the park!  

In order to help you get that trick right Lucky has how to videos on our Lucky Scooters YouTube Channel

Redmond Skate Park Pro Scooter Riding Street Riding Pro Scooter Riding

We know how much fun a board slide can be!

Lil Jon Board Slide








Maybe you are a seasoned rider, but havent had a chance to practice because you have been snowed in during winter. Maybe you are a new rider who just needs a little help with a tail whip make sure to check out our videos!

So check them out and tell us what you think. so get out there and work on that Bri Flip, Tail Whip, Finger Whip or Whipbar!  It doesnt matter if you are street or park we all want to get better.

Hope you learned something new about the sport today. Now get out and 'Push your Luck.' 


Written By: Eli Montalvo

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