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September 3, 2012

LS Pro Scooter Fork

The Lucky product team takes design seriously, so we’ve built some seriously stylish forks. Our forks are CNC machined from a single piece of aluminum (no bonding or welding) so they are lightweight and strong.

Get the LS here:

Lucky LS forks are in their fourth-generation, so we’ve had time to tune them for the most demanding riders. These forks offer a smooth ride at high speed, and they can absorb the impact of the highest stair hucks. These forks are insanely popular in Europe and South America.

LS Pro Scooter Fork 

The LS ™ is an architectural beauty, with a slight offset and no bonds, threads, or welds. And now, like the 2012 SMX, the 2012 LS™ has Torque Dispersion Technology™ and thickened legs for market leading strength and durability.

Lucky Scooter Technology Torque Dispersion 

Which fork do you guys like best? The SMX™ or the LS™?

Compare the LS™ to the SMX™ here:


Written By: Brian Jeide

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