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August 31, 2012

Lucky Scooters Clover

Both the Lucky DoubleClamp™ and TripleClamp™ are light, strong, and beefy for a reason: to save your mug and teeth. We don’t skimp, even on the small components. That’s why they’re made from aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum. W designed the clamp for strength and style, then slapped the Lucky logo on it to make sure you get that extra Luck while riding in the park or on the street!

Pro Scooter Double clamps 

Lucky DoubleClamps™ are designed to fit 1 ¼” Standard bars only, so if you have HIC bars, you need an oversized clamp (1-3/8”). DoubleClamps™ are compatible with Razor Pro, Razor Ultra Pro, and Razor PRO xxx. You can find them here at 

Pro scooter triple clamps 




Lucky TripleClamps™ are designed to fit any 1 3/8” oversized pro scooter bars. Alternating bolts provide an even and extremely tight grip on your bars.


The new Lucky TripleClamp™ also comes with EternaLock™, which is a combination of Loctite (a glue that hardens when oxygen is removed to secure screws against vibration) and an alternating bolt pattern that makes it easy to apply the necessary torque to secure the clamp and prevent unwanted loosening. 

EternaLock Technology 

Written By: Brian Jeide

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