Travel Diaries | East Coast 2012 Update 3 ( Days 3,4,5)

July 10, 2012

     Sorry for the lack of updates these last couple days. Been without internet for a few days but sure enough we got it back.

Day 3. 

Day 3 was set to go visit Scooter Zone and after we quickly were lost in New Jersey. It was a nightmare. Imagen three west coast boys just driving around Jersey not knowing where they heck we were. Even though we were lost we still managed to find something interesting. While lost we happened to stumble upon an Ostrich Farm. What are the odds?

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After star gazing for a while we eventually found our way home. Bummed that we couldn't find our way to the Jersey Shore we set it for Sunday as our relax day.


Day 4

Day 4 must have been been destined to be a repeat episode of Day 3 because once again we were lost. Just our luck. But thanks to navigation support from Dan Barrett we got to our destination. I gotta admit I was straight star struck! Tyler Garcia must been stoked too because he made sure he got a shot right out front.


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Day 5th 


To our fortune Day 5 was way more productive. After getting a good day of rest we venture out for spots. 

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     Before long we found what you see above. Eager to get clips Blake got geared up ready to go. Unfortunately since it was in front of a church we got kicked out quick. Darn!

     After wards we decided to pay Spoiled Bratt Skate Shop a visit. Our home girl Tee needed to receive some love from Lucky. To our surprise we arrived to find a whole crew of riders just chilling and stoked to meet us. I gotta say that even though we were across the country, everyone made us feel at home. 

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Special thanks to the Kids crew for helping us out and showing us around today. 


Now that we have seen the shops in Jersey and Philly we new it was time to rest up and prepare for tomorrow. Pure street riding. 


Written By: Kingsley Okocha

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