Travel Diaries | East Coast 2012 Day 2

July 7, 2012

    Right when we woke up I knew it was going to be a hot day. When we looked at the temperature it already said 90 and it wasn’t even 10 am yet. Riding scooters was going to be hard. Determined to get it done we got ready and set our list of goals for the day. At the top of the list was to go see Barking Spyder. Philly local Dan Barrett spoke very high of Barking Spyder so we knew we had to see it. Before then we had to get some grub. Not being from the area Dan took us to the east coast mini market hot spot: Wawa. Many pros from the east coast have told us that they heavily rely on Wawa for all their traveling needs. If you need food, they got it, if you need sun screen they got it. A great first spot

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     After getting some our breakfast from Wawa we headed straight for Barking Spyder. One thing  I really loved about Barking Spyder was the fact they promote scooters right in front of their stores. Too many times have we visited shops that sell scooters and the owners are pretty much ashamed they sell scooter parts. But that wasn’t the case at Barking Spyder, the owner made us feel very welcome and quickly we got lost in industry discussions. Shops like this is what we need.

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      Talking is all good but we wanted to get some riding in. Knowing we had to see Scooter Zone’s new Jersey store on Saturday, we got in the car. Skateparks aren’t really our thing but meeting up with some homies was well worth it.  Day two was fun and day three was scheduled to be even better. Scooter Zone and Jersey Shore, what a mix.

Written By: Kingsley Okocha

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