CooterCon12 - Sickest NW Pro Scooter Comp to date!

May 1, 2012

The most infamous NW pro scooter wendells indoor outdoorcompetition, CooterCon, held its 12th event at the Windell's Sports park in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

It was an amazing venue with an indoor and outdoor park that is one of the best in the country. The indoor park is outfitted with a foam pit, trampolines, and some sick ramps. The outdoor park is huge and offers everything you would want from a rider's perspective.

Lucky had riders from all of our scooter teams, including; James Gee, Mike Montgomery, Evan Yamada, Blake Bailor, Gus Rymer, Jake Odonnell, and many more. From the Lil Lucky's team we had Paxton Swygard, Brent Ikedah, Kaleb Kier, Aidan Poole, and more.

Here are the results! Great job Mike, Gus, Brent, and Paxton!

12 & Under Beginner Results:
1st – Jonas Van Horn
2nd – Damon Cass
3rd – Sean Macfoy
4th – Yaro Tsymbalyuk
5th – Austin Moore

13+ Over Beginner Results:
1st – Jayden Lee
2nd – Jacobi Gudgell
3rd – Hunter Schuetz
4rd – Otto Wilkerson
5th – Max Rietman

Intermediate Results:
1st – Bailey Maxcey
2nd – Brent Ikedah
3rd – Paxton Swygard
4th – Micah Nichols
5th – Matt Edleston

 Pro Results
1st – Dakota Schuetz [ISA Wild Card] $1500
2nd – Dan Barrett $1000
3rd – Jeremy Malott $750
4th – Mike Montgomery $700
5th – Cameron Ward $600
6th – Cooper Klaar $500
7th – Serjey Noga $400
8th – Braden Campbell $300
9th – Jake Clark $200
10th – Joe Armstrong $100

Best Trick – Gus Rymer $300

Written By: Brian Jeide

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