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May 17, 2011

Lucky loves scooter bars, something about a raw piece of chromoly and a beautiful TIG weld that makes us go crazy.

We started off with the Probar scooter bars in the standard 1 1/4" chromoly tubing and also the oversized 1 3/8" with the HIC compression included.

Lucky NW Bars with HIC

The next to come out were the NW or Endub bars with special gussets for the team riders that needed the extra reinforcements. We would buy the gussets at a special aircraft machine shop, yeah they were used on airplanes.

After some feedback from the team and other riders we changed the gussets to a smoother gusset that was easier on the hands, especially on bar spins.


The Prybar scooter bars were inevitable, we got 100s of riders askingLucky Pry Bars with HICus for that bar design and finally gave in. We put our touch on them with our own bend and a clover cutout in the top cap.


We now offer several different models of pro scooter bars such as the Voodoo and Tukno.  Look for Lucky bars in aluminum in the near future.

Written By: Brian Jeide

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