Lucky Scooter Parts gets HOT in Phoenix

May 17, 2011

Since we started Lucky Scooter Parts in 2009 we have been growing like crazy thanks to all the riders who stand behind our company and ride our parts! 

Lucky Scooter Parts - pro Scooter Parts

The scooter market is taking off all over the world and a lot of riders across the globe like our pro scooter parts and that combination has lead us to need and to open up a much larger pro scooter parts distribution facility in Phoenix, Arizona. 

We have always had a small facility in Phoenix and a larger one in the NW, now we have reversed that trend and have a large beautiful new warehouse and office space in Phoenix and smaller corporate offices and warehouse in Redmond, WA.


The weather in Washington has been anything but normal over the past few years and during the winter months we sometimes get some pretty good snowstorms and power outages. We did not  want to risk having that happen during the busy Christmas season and not get our parts out and ruin someones Christmas.

We have some great new scooter parts coming out shortly, some innovative items that will be patented, and some new colors and designs.  An extruded deck is hot on our list, triple clamp, quad clamp, a new HIC system, and some other parts that you all have been asking for!

Written By: Brian Jeide

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