Lucky Scooter Parts is all about the BLUEs

February 26, 2011

LSP is launching the all new blue anodized color of our pro scooter parts! Pro Scooter Parts in Blue from

We started off with a lighter shade of blue but it did not give us the look we wanted, we felt it was too soft for the Pro Scooter market. We kept at it and tested a ton of different variations and shades of blue on our scooter forks, decks, wheels, brakes, clamps, and then decided on a current shade which is similar to a Yamaha shade of blue, which is a motorcyle brand we love!

We have a ton of the infamous SMX Scooter Fork in blue, along with many of our other parts in stock and shipping daily. YOu can find Blue, Green, Purple, Black, Raw Aluminum and Orange scooter parts at

We will be putting together a blue SOTW, scooter of the week, in the future so be sure to keep checking on the Lucky Facebook Page

You can check out videos, parts, and rider comments on and on our channel.

Written By: Brian Jeide

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