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May 27, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Evan Yamada

As most of you know already, Evan Yamada just recently rejoined Lucky Scooters as a pro rider, which I recently interviewed him about! However, I thought it would be cool to find out what some of Evan's favorite tricks are, now that he's back! So here it is folks, 6 Sick Tricks with Evan Yamada! Check it out and enjoy!


1) tailwhip: it's the first thing I learned on a scooter and I love perfecting my tailwhips. It's fun to just launch a tailwhip or do high speed tailwhips.

2) 360s: it's probably my most comfortable trick. It's my go to trick, especially for gaps and stairsets.

3) heelwhips: I think heelwhips looks so sick. I've recently been catching my heelwhips with my back foot and letting it pass my front foot (like Ryan Gould) and i feel more comfortable with heelwhips now.

4) front boards: I used to be super sketchy with this trick but once I learned how to balance them it's easily became my favorite grind. I love blasting front boards on flat bars. Isaac Miller got me hyped.

5) nose manuel: I've always loved nose mannies. Balancing them and finding that perfect balance point is awesome. I love sitting in a long ass nose mannie.

6) bunny hops/bump jumps: I think it's the most underestimated trick. I love a good looking bunny hop. It's so fun to cruise around and just jump shit. A bump jump is just as sick. I love watching people do bump jumps on things before tricks, I think it's so tight.


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Written By: Blake Bailor

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