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April 22, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Jake Charters

This 6 Sick Tricks features Lucky Scooters title team rider, Jake Charters. Jake has a very unique riding style so I am fascinated to see what kind of tricks he is into. Check this 6 Sick Tricks with Jake Charters out and enjoy!


1-frontboards because when you get on one right, you get locked and can ride it out to death if need be.

2- indie air, with a good blast and a little poke you can make one of the most simple tricks into something gnarly.

3-cannonball, if its done right you can make it look just like a moto cannonball and even if its small you have to be floating up high to land them.

4- any high air,anything over 3 feet is good to me any bigger and it just gets more fun. I used to be amazed with all the riders like Stan Smirnoff who could just blast quarters and bowls with out a problem and now i can finally keep up with them.

5-360 whip, wether its going down, up or even flat they are by far the nicest feeling spin trick out there.

6- carving a nice pool or deep bowl hitting all the pockets and slashing, blasting all the possible spots and hips, like riding a wave or riding a snowboard, everything just flows and is amazing.

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Written By: Blake Bailor

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