6 Sick Tricks With Brent Ikedah | Lucky Scooters

April 10, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Brent Ikedah

For this 6 Sick tricks, I have decided to find out what sort of tricks that Lucky Scooters Am team rider, Brent Ikedah is into throwing when he rides. Check out what Brent has to say and enjoy!


1) 180 bars- Look sweet down a big set.

2) Whip front feebles- just look super rad and sick.

3) Backlip whips- They're sick because of the way they look and how gnarly they are down big rails.

4) Front board heels- My new favorite rail trick because they're kinda easy to do and they look cool but doing them down big rails is a doosy.

5) 5 cabs- look super sick if they're done right for example Patrick Schneider executes them perfectly.

6) 3 whips- They just look super sick down a big set.




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Written By: Blake Bailor

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