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March 7, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Tanner Fox

The Latest installment of 6 Sick Tricks features Lucky Scooters flow team rider, Tanner Fox. Tanner is another one of those little guys with a hefty bag of tricks. Some of the tricks he names off in his 6 trick list are pretty crazy, so check them out!


1. Untwist: It's a original trick and it's kinda un usual.

2. Bar rewind: There a lot of combos.

3. Flair: They are a super fun and styleish trick and feel good to float.

4. Buttercup: They are easy and are a good show off trick for people who don't know scootering.

5. Whip front scoot: It's a good comp trick.

6. 720: They feel cool to spin fast.



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Written By: Blake Bailor

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