6 Sick Tricks With Bayley Maxcy | Lucky Scooters

February 28, 2014

Lucky Scooters- Bayley Maxcy

This second installment of 6 sick tricks features Lucky Scooters title team rider, Bayley Maxcy. Bayley is constantly progressing so I'm curious to see what tricks he is into right now. I am sure it varies for him based on where he is at with his riding at the time.


Fullwhips - Just recently started doing these a lot and man do they look good. No one does them and you can create sick combos with them.

Undercrooks / Underblunts on quarter pipes - Brent Ikedah started this trend and more people need to learn these. So stylish. Almost like a better nose blunt.

Umbrella - Not whip umbrella. If done right and caught, it looks so buttery.

Whip to bri - There so hard to do. But if you can do them right like Tommy Christiana they look way to good.

Front side 50-50s / double pegs - Impossible. Someone needs to send Jessee Ikedah back to the planet he came from.

Whip to heel whip - Way cooler then heel rewind.


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Written By: Blake Bailor

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