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February 19, 2014


Lucky Scooters- Bobby Pantano

This new blog series, "6 Sick Tricks", will feature Lucky Scooters team riders sharing their opinions on their favorite tricks to see go down on a scooter. This first "6 Sick Tricks" features Lucky title team rider, Bobby Pantano, so check out what kind of tricks Bobby is into and be sure to look out for more of these in the future!


1. Tail whip to back board: looks so right but feels so wrong

2. heel whip to back lip: requires full commitment and looks so nice when properly executed

3. 360 downside heelwhip: flows real nicely under the feet

4. backside overcrook: requires serious control

5. backside 270 to front lip: spinning blind onto a rail and barely being able to spot it before hitting it is insane.

6.Tail whip to nose manual: because monky



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Written By: Blake Bailor

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