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December 20, 2013

Lucky Scooters- Elajwon Carter

Elajwon Carter, also known as "Chunky", is a one of a kind scooter rider. "Chunky" is on the Lucky title team and may secretly be the craziest scooter rider on the planet. This kid has tricks that you would never expect him to have just by looking at him. I was shocked the first time I witnessed him ride in person! I mean, I even heard this kid can quadruple tail whip flat! Anyways, this is the Elajwon Carter interview and it's not something your going to want to miss! Check it out!


Blake Bailor: What's up Elajwon? Can we get a little introduction into who you are?

Elajwon Carter: Well, my names Elajwon haha I'm 15 years old from New Jersey.


Blake: Rad! How did you get the nickname "chunks"?

Elajwon: Well it used to be chunky but then after a while alex's mom started calling me chunks and it went on from there.


Blake: Interesting! How long have you been a part of Lucky Scooters and how has the experience been?

Elajwon: I've been a part of lucky for almost a year now, in april it'l be a year. So far, I love it, the riders are chill and fun to hang and ride with... everyone on the team is like my 2nd family.


Blake: That's awesome to hear! With the new year rolling in, what can we expect from you as a rider?

Elajwon: For the new year as a rider you can expect from me a lot more bangers and videos and how to's. I'm going to start posting a lot more content and of course have fun while I'm doing it.


Blake: Good, good, good! Any big, new tricks you've been working on lately?

Elajwon: Actually, I've been working on cash rolls! They're really hard to stick, but I'll get it soon.


Blake: Dang, that sounds like a dangerous trick to be sending! Rumor has it that you can quadruple tail whip on flat ground... is that true?

Elajwon: Yes i can quad whip flat after my edit drops ill upload the quad whip so everyone can see it.


Blake: I can't wait to see that! When can we expect to seem some new footage from our boy "chunks"?

Elajwon: Actually my new edit comes out tomorrow! As I'm doing this interview, I'm emailing it so it will be up soon, check it out.


Blake: Great! I'm stoked to see how it turns out! Thanks for checking in with us! Any last words?

Elajwon: Anytime and thanks Blake for doing the interview for me and Lucky for being the sickest sponsor out there and everyone on the team that i rode with that pushes me to learn new stuff, especially Bailey when i do get to ride with him.





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Written By: Blake Bailor

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