Throwback Thursday | Blake Bailor Lucky Scooters Web Edit

December 5, 2013

Sometimes you have to throw it back to your own video, whether you like it or not, so today, due to a lack of creativity, I decided to bring it back to my first Lucky Scooters Web Edit. I put quite a lot of time and effort into this video and even though I am disgusted with the footage now, at the time I was very proud of this video! I decided to throw it back to my own video this week because I thought people would be interested to hear a rider's perspective on their own video and since this seems to be my most popular video, it was the obvious choice to write about. I consider these my glory days in scootering because I was having so much fun and progressing faster then I could've possibly imagined I would. I still can't believe I am putting this up, but check it out if you haven't and I hope you enjoy it!



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Written By: Blake Bailor

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