Throwback Thursday | The Devin Supertramp Video

November 14, 2013




The Devin Supertramp video was, hands down, one of the most groundbreaking scooter videos to ever hit youtube and Lucky was the company that made it happen! This video is currently at about 4 million views and still climbing, which is awesome exposure for both Lucky Scooters and the sport of scootering. Dakota Schuetz is on point, Jon Aglialoro goes bigger then he's ever gone, Mike Montgomery is steezier then he's ever been and the whole vibe of this video is just rad. If you are a scooter rider and haven't seen this video yet then you've definitely been living under a rock for the past year. Give this thing a watch, regardless of whether or not you have seen it before. It's just that good!



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Written By: Blake Bailor

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