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October 30, 2013

 Lucky Scooters- Corey Funk dirt scooter

Corey Funk is currently Lucky's one and only dirt pro rider competing on the new Lucky Warthog dirt scooter. I have been watching Corey kill the contest game on a regular scooter for quite some time now, but had no knowledge of his ablities on a dirt scooter, until recently. Corey shreds on both a dirt scooter and regular scooter, so I thought I would connect with him for an interview about his unique job as a dirt pro rider. Here it is folks, The Corey Funk interview! Read and enjoy!


Blake Bailor: What's up Corey? Do you want to give the people a little intro into who you are? 

Corey Funk: I am Corey funk, I'm 17, and I’ve been riding for nine years! I love to hang out with my bro so I can ride, film and, take pictures! Follow me on Instagram! @coreycfunk

Blake: Sweet! You were recently added to the Lucky team as a dirt pro rider, do you want to give a little bit of detail into that for us?

Corey: Right now I'm waiting for it to rain so the Jumps will get nice and smooth and can be built and fixed, I want them to be really nice and the weather to be cool! Because those are the best days for a nice dirt session!  And then I'll be able to ride, film and take photographs for the upcoming Dirt Scooter video! Follow @luckyscooters on Instagram.

Blake: That sounds like a good plan! How long have you been riding dirt scooters for? It seems like a fairly new aspect of our sport.

Corey: I've been riding dirt scoots for about a year now! I would definitely recommend our customers to a dirt scoot! Preferably the new Lucky Warthog because you can go off-roading and it’s performance is amazing, it is very light and it is very fun!

Blake: That’s rad! How does the Lucky Warthog perform out there on the dirt though? Would you recommend it to the up and comers? 

Corey: Of course I would recommend the Warthog to up comers it is very fun, use it as weight training or for riding some local trails! Make sure to help fix them when you mess them up!  

Blake:  It sounds like you already have quite some experience with dirt scooting! What is your favorite part about riding for Lucky? 

Corey: My favorite part for riding with Lucky is to be close with the teammates to be able to ride with everybody and have a great time! When I went to Escondido comp I had fun with the lucky riders, and everybody else! Another awesome thing is riding the parts! I never knew how good they are until you actually jump on one and the performance is amazing and I love lucky scooters!

Blake: That’s good to hear! Do you have any big Lucky Warthog footage coming out soon that we can look forward to?

Corey: Not at the time, no, but doing the stunts is very scary and if I fall I would be down for months so I have to be cautious for every trick I do and make sure I land them right!

Blake: It definitely does sound like quite the gamble to be hitting some of the dirt jumps that you are doing tricks on! What can we expect from you and your dirt riding in 2014?

Corey: You can probably expect some short footage of how to fix the jumps or the basics of the dirt scoot and maybe some mini edits and tricks that I will be showing you on the new warthog!

Blake: Cool dude, I can’t wait! Any last words?

Corey: The Warthog it the best dirt scoot out there, I would never lie! Follow me on Instagram @coreycfunk and follow @luckyscooters




Written By: Blake Bailor

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