Lake Havasu Skatepark Grand Opening

October 23, 2013


Lake Havasu recently opened up a huge, new outdoor facility and of course "Kota" was there! The turn out was massive, even Rob Dyrdek made an appearance to celebrate the grand opening. I can only imagine the amount of publicity that the sport of scootering got from this huge event. Dakota, being the world champ that he is, definitely threw down some crazy tricks to showcase what scooters could really do. On top of that, the skatepark looks so rad! I wish I could go bust out on some of those rails right now!

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Tons of scooter kids made out to opening and all of them were stoked to see "Kota"! The World Champ was signing autographs left and right. I can only imagine some of the tricks that went down!

Anyways, the new skatepark in Lake Havasu looks awesome and they definitely opened up the new park with a bang! Anyone who is ever in the area should definitely check it out! I know I'm going to try and ride that thing as soon as possible!

Written By: Blake Bailor

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