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October 16, 2013

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Kiara Meade is currently, hands down, one of the gnarliest females to hop on a scooter. She can murder any big transition, as well as slay a box jump with the best of them. When I found out that she recently got added to the Lucky squad, I figured she was the perfect candidate for an interview because everyone wants a little insight into what it's like to be a female scooter rider. So here it is folks, Am Spotlight with Kiara Meade! Read and enjoy!


Blake Bailor: What’s up Kiara? Could we get a little intro for anyone who may not know who you are?

Kiara Meade: My name is Kiara, and I'm 14 years old. I live in New Jersey and I've been riding for about 4 years now. I love to scooter and I'm one of the few girls that are really into it!

Blake: Awesome! When did you start riding for Lucky? How do you like it so far?

Kiara: I started riding for Lucky this past summer! I really like it so far! Everyone is so nice and they really care for every person on their team. This is only the beginning; I can't wait to see what there will be for the future!

Blake: That’s a great attitude to have! What are some of the biggest issues you face being one of the few female riders in our sport? How do you deal with those issues?

Kiara: The biggest issues being a female rider in the sport are people under estimating what I can do. Whenever someone doesn't think I can do a trick because I'm a girl or something, I just use that as motivation to try harder and prove him or her wrong.

Blake: Yeah that would seem like a stressful thing to deal with! In the future, do you hope to see more female riders like yourself in the sport? Or do you enjoy being one of the rare few?

Kiara: I really hope more girls start to ride, because sometimes it gets annoying being the only girl at the skatepark. Boys and girls don't always understand each other. If there were more girls at the skatepark, I think it would be a lot more fun.

Blake: I definitely agree with you there! Who are some of your biggest influences in the scooter scene? Who really pushed you to want to ride the way that you do?

Kiara: I have to say Peter Jungsberger. He's always been pushing me to learn new tricks and helped me since the beginning. Dan Barrett also has really been a brother to me as well. He would always take me everywhere and always does what is right.

Blake: That is so rad! Dan has always been someone I look up to as well! What obstacles do you specifically enjoy shredding the most? I see you killing box jumps all the time! Is that your favorite thing to do?

Kiara: I love riding big tranny ramps and huge parks with lots of flow. My favorite things to ride are step up gaps and boxes for sure.

Blake: That’s sweet! I definitely wish I could shred tranny! When can we expect some new footage from you? Maybe a Welcome to Lucky edit? I don't think one of those has been released yet!

Kiara: I've been working on it! I still need a few more clips, but I'm trying to get it out before Christmas!

Blake: That’s sick! I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for your time Kiara! Any last words?

Kiara: Just keep riding! If you think you're "bad" at riding, then just try harder! That's how we all got here. Push yourself to new things. If someone doesn't think you're "good" at riding or can't do a trick, don't listen to that. The best feeling there is, is to PROVE THEM WRONG!

Written By: Blake Bailor

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