Knowing the right bar size to ride

October 10, 2014

One of the biggest debates I hear in the scooter industry is about bar size. Whether it be “your bars are too small” or “your bars are too wide” it seems like someone is always complaining. Some kids don't even know what they're bar height & width should be.

Here’s the answer:
its up to you. Ok, but I have a little bit of a better answer if you read below.


In all honesty it is up to you; however there is a general rule. The rule is that bars should go up to about your waist or a little below and they should be about your shoulder length wide.

What do I mean exactly?
Take me for example. I’m about 5 foot 3 or 5 foot 4 inches tall. I ride 22 tall bars. They sit just below my waist and are perfect for me. They feel really nice and I’m never super hunched over therefore I dont get alot of back pain. I also ride 21 wide. When I say shoulder length I mean the length from one of your shoulders to the other. I would say my shoulder length is about 20 inches, so 21 wide bars are perfect for me. In the end though, ride what ever size bars you want. I use to ride 12.5 wide bars and I loved them (until I realized wider bars help for whips haha).






Written By: Bayley Maxcy

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