Lucky Stinger | Pro Scooter Deck

Aug 20, 2012 12:26:00 PM

Lucky riders! 


You’re going to love the new Lucky Stinger™ integrated deck. Lucky pro scooter decks are known for their balance, strength, and performance and the Lucky Stinger™ is no exception. This deck is super light, super strong, perfectly balanced, and offers exceptional value usually associated with premium-priced decks. It has a flat bottom surface to allow for grinding, and four degrees of concave on the surface to provide optimum grip and control. It has a welded reinforced downtube, and PowerPillars™ that prevent stress fractures and torsional buckling.

Power Pillar Technology

The Stinger comes with a built-in Lucky SteelBrake™ and our exclusive Def-jam™ noiseless braking system. 

Lucky Stinger