Lucky Scooters @ Epic

Mar 11, 2012, 4:35:00 PM

  Last weekend we went down to Sacramento for the Epic Contest. It isn't often that we find ourselves competing at a two day contest and this was a good change of pace. The first day we dedicated to practicing our tricks so we could perform at our peak for the second day. Most of the time comps are very park orientated but Epic was a very different situations. Epic Indoor Skatepark is a street style skatepark so we were very excited. James of course did his silly thing where he acted like he didn’t care but pulled out banger tricks. Blake, we could tell that he was a little nervous but still found a way to shine. Last year he missed out on Epic due to an injury so this here he needed to go hard. He was able to showcase his noseblunt skills by noseblunt sliding the steep 8 stair hubba. As well, he busted out a switch backlip on the gab to rail. Evan Yamada was like the bunny his is going to 720’s over the grass gap. All around our group did well. Blake finished at 8th, James finished at 6th, and Evan at 5th place.